DPVA Chairman Susan Swecker is demanding that Republican gubernatorial nominee Ed Gillespie condemn the KKK, according to Blue Virginia.

Small problem with that — Gillespie is well ahead of the game… having done so in May 2017 (Northam didn’t feel terribly exercised to do likewise).

The better question is this: why are Democrats asking Republicans to condemn a terrorist organization formed by Democrats themselves?

Let’s ignore for just a moment how shallow this sort of reasoning is.  But so long as the bar has been lowered, let’s discuss which party has a history of throwing their arms wide open to the likes of the Ku Klux Klan:

That’s a picture of the 1924 “Klanbake” at the Democratic National Convention.

That’s the legacy of the Democratic Party, folks.  Not the party that angered Democrats by freeing their slaves.

Of course, Charlottesville City Police and the greater community are asking citizens to stay away from the KKK rally in Lee Park this Saturday.  Good advice if the objective is to lessen the degree of attention we are bringing to bear on such events.

What a pathetic display from Swecker and the Virginia Democrats as they speak out of both sides of their mouths, serving as pseudo-recruiter for a cause we are supposed to treat with disdain and contempt — not put a bright spotlight on for narrow political gain.

UPDATE:  …and just in case anyone is curious, this disgusting trope is still prominently displayed on DPVA’s website.