Funniest moment of the weekend:  When the elite media complains that Trump’s tweets, like the one showing the spectacular clothesline Trump delivered at WrestleMania XXIII ten years ago, are distracting from Trump getting his agenda through Congress.

Are you kidding?  The entire weekend was filled with media talking heads and liberal reporters writing about a simple little tweet with a CNN graphic.  CNN should be thrilled it got all this free attention from their competition.  If I was MSNBC, I would’ve blurred the CNN logo.

All the coverage of Trump’s tweets did was, yet again, convince the idiotic mainstream press to stop talking about the Russian conspiracy to make Hillary Clinton lose.  Even Meet the Press almost couldn’t help themselves, but after spending 45 minutes talking about Trump tweets, they managed to squeeze in a segment about how the Russian investigation has to keep going, because they haven’t found the secret evidence yet.

I swear this Russian story is sounding more and more like “what’s in Jules’ suitcase” in Pulp Fiction.  It’s shiny.  It’s bright.  But no one knows what it is.

Here’s the funny part.  The press then gets quotes from a bunch of House Democrats who castigate the President for his tweets, saying how hard this makes it for Trump’s legislative agenda to succeed in Congress.

EVERY last one of these Democrats votes against Trump’s proposals anyway.

The reason the media and the Democrats want Trump to stop tweeting is NOT because they are hurting his agenda.  If Trump’s tweets were hurting him, the media and the Democrats would want him to tweet more and more, wouldn’t they?

The truth is they can’t beat Donald Trump.  He breaks every rule the left has ever used to beat down Republicans and they still can’t beat him.

There is only one group of people who can ruin Trump’s success in Congress, and that group is Republican lawmakers.

Several of them are trying to walk the fine line, publicly disparaging Trump’s tweeting while supporting Trump’s legislative goals.  That’ll work for a while.  But more sooner than later, Trump’s voters are going to want to see if the Republicans whom they also elected to Congress are going to enact what they promised into law.

Believe me.  Republican voters back home aren’t going to accept apologies from Republicans in Congress saying, “Well, I was going to support these things the President and I both ran on, but I really didn’t like the tone of his tweets.”

You want to see the House and Senate flip to the Democrats?  Come home empty handed.

I’ll let squishy Republicans have their cake and eat it too with President Trump.  I’ll even let them coddle the press by shaking their heads at tweets.  But they aren’t winning anything.

A Republican House and a Republican Senate have one job – send Republican bills to the Republican President to sign.

If they can’t do that, I’m not accepting tweets as an excuse.

And neither will their voters.