From this morning’s editorial page of the Roanoke Times:

Why 19 debates? Because that’s how many weeks there are between now and election day, Nov. 7.

We realize neither candidate is likely to agree to that many, but we’ll make the case for it anyway — not just for this election, but for any gubernatorial election. Think of how much better informed we’d all be if the candidates agreed to debate once a week, on a schedule as regular as a television show.

Frankly, I love the logic here — wind back the “winner take all” emotive and bring the focus back to bread and butter issues, not quick gotcha moments where one foible ruins the entire narrative.  One debate on each topic?  Absolutely — and Northam should welcome that as a former state senator (who should be able to run circles around Gillespie on the nuances of Virginia government… operative word: should).

One has to share the Roanoke Times‘ lament that most voters really don’t care about the nuance of ideas.  Most of us are simply rooting for teams — the Greens and Blues of Byzantium were no less unscrupulous and decadent than we are today.

Quite a shame given what is at stake — with automation around the corner, a 19th century education system that is failing to produce a 21st century workforce, transportation issues galore, the Port of Virginia in prime need of quality investment, workforce development and microfinance, etc.

19 debates sounds just fine here.