Does anyone really have faith in these numbers — at all?  From Graham Moomaw over at the Richmond Times-Dispatch:

The poll found Northam with strong leads among women and minorities, with Gillespie drawing more support from white voters. Independent voters were evenly divided among the two candidates, with 40 percent backing Gillespie and 38 percent supporting Northam.

“Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam begins the general election as the favorite to become the Old Dominion’s next governor. But not an overwhelming one,” Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll, said in a news release.

So here’s the thing: Gillespie still leads with independents.  When asked who would handle the economy better?  Gillespie leads 42-38.  Gillespie leads on taxes 40-37.

McAuliffe’s job approval rating?  At near-Trumpian levels at 47% — a precipitous 4 point drop from a month ago.

There’s nothing for the Democrats to cheer in this poll other than oversampling.  Given the 4-0 run in special elections since Trump became president, at some point it is going to dawn on the progressive left that the only thing voters disdain more than Trump is the Democratic Party itself.

Just a matter of time.  Full PDF can be found here.