Via PBS:

“I completely condemn the Klan and all those racist groups. I want no association with them because they’re trying to hijack this issue,” Stewart said to reporters during a press conference. “They’re triyng to make it about race. This issue has nothing to do with race. It has everything to do with preserving our history and preserving our historical monuments.”

Stewart also criticized his opponents for their failure to articulate similarly strong positions on various issues.

Of course, now that it is apparent that Stewart is going to lose, he can perform this little act of covfefe and see if anyone notices.

Far be it from anyone to suggest that Stewart’s affiliation with groups such as the Traditionalist Workers Party, the Citronella Nazis at Lee Park, and individuals such as Jason Kessler were not integral to his gubernatorial aspirations — and the substantive message of his ill-fated campaign.

The KKK is still scheduled to hold their rally in Charlottesville’s Lee Park on July 8th, no doubt inspired and mainstreamed by Corey Stewart’s campaign.

  • Liz

    This is all lies from a leftist hate terrorist reporter. Stewart is going to win so GET OVER IT?