Lt. Governor Ralph Northam denounces a negative ad campaign paid for by a Political Action Committee and asked them to pull the ads.  The ads attacked his opponent, former Democrat Congressman Tom Perriello.

“Any negative campaigning against my opponent will draw an immediate denouncement from my campaign,” wrote Northam, who has criticized “dark money” in politics and called for sweeping reforms to Virginia’s loose campaign finance laws. “Therefore I am asking your committee to halt any and all spending that would constitute an attack on my opponent’s record.” (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

My question?  Will Northam’s high ethical committment to clean campaigning extend beyond the Democrat primary?

That’s a pretty high bar he has set.  Will he maintain it?  In my view, Northam has only two choices.

One, to be ethically consistent and tell all PACs and special interest groups to NOT attack his Republican opponent.

Two, to be a hypocrite and only denounce negative attack ads against members of his own party, but let the missiles fly when it comes to attacking Republicans.

He can’t do both.

So, which is it, Ralph?  Will your stance against attack ads from outside your campaign continue past June 13th?  Or will you quickly embrace the PAC attacks simply because the target will then be a Republican?

Somehow, I bet we know the answer.

  • Already know the answer to that question and Northam fails hands down. He viciously attacks Donald Trump in his television Ads with derogatory statements and not policy.

    My number one policy argument with Northam is how could a Pediatrician, a Pediatric Neurologist no less, be in favor of Abortion, especially late term abortion? With his Medical knowledge he should know the viability of a baby in the womb.