It’s getting stupid out there, folks.

This week’s edition?  Gabe Cavallaro over at Pravda The Staunton News Leader (sic) have decided to get into the game of taking swipes at clean energy while remaining blissfully unaware (or aware and just okay with the cognitive dissonance) of cozying up to Keystone XL boosters.

This is what happens when journalists become mere reporters

The corporate backers of the pipeline, including Dominion, have donated heavily to Virginia and North Carolina’s politicians, who have been publicly vocal about their support for the pipeline, according to the Public Accountability Initiative in its third report looking into the “power relations” behind various U.S. pipeline projects.

“Key members” of the the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (VDEQ), which is part of the review process for the pipeline and has to make recommendations on whether to approve it, have also accepted gifts from Dominion Energy, either personally or through their organizations, the report highlights.

…and who precisely consists of the so-called Public Accountability Initiative?  A pro-Sanders group critical of Hillary Clinton who — yep, you guessed it — are backed by the same folks backing Perriello’s campaign for governor: George Soros.

In the interests of public disclosure, the Public Accountability Initiative is a leftwing outfit run by activists including a few on its board who haven’t even finished college yet. Co-Director Kevin Connor, quoted in the Statesman story, has written for Alternet and The American Prospect, both leftwing publications. They are funded in part by the Sunlight Foundation, which is in turn funded in part by the Open Society Institute. That’s George Soros, the billionaire and convicted inside trader. George Soros is far from non-partisan, he is an extremely powerful advocate and funding source for a wide range of groups that all promote leftwing policies. From the Center for American Progress and its idiot sidekick Think Progress to the far left rabble World Can’t Wait, you will find Soros money if you bother to look. Hardly any mainstream reporters ever do.

This wasn’t even hard to look up, folks.  

Which only means one thing: Cavallaro is simply rooting for the home team rather than doing his own homework, a spoon fed story that neither the WaPo nor the RTD nor the Daily Press nor the Roanoke Times nor the Virginian-Pilot would touch with a 10 foot pole…

…but the Stanton News Leader?  Ah yes… that’ll do.

So who really is pouring money into Virginia election campaigns at the end of the day (and where is it coming from)?  Here’s a taste:

Virginia Sierra Club

  • $500,000+ in campaign contributions since 2013
  • $468,000 to Terry McAuliffe
  • Dominion contributed $75,000 to Terry McAuliffe

NextGen Climate Action

  • $1.8 million+ in campaign contributions since 2013
  • $1.6 million to Terry McAuliffe
  • Dominion contributed $75,000 to Terry McAuliffe

Virginia League of Conservation Voters

  • $2.4 million+ in campaign contributions since 2013
  • $1.7 million to Terry McAuliffe
  • Dominion contributed $75,000 to Terry McAuliffe

If you look at Terry McAuliffe alone, these three organizations contributed $3.8 million to his 2013 campaign.

Dominion?  By comparison, a paltry $75,000.

Just these three environmental organizations contributed 50 times more money to Terry McAuliffe than Dominion.  In fact, the League of Conservation Voters and NextGen Climate Action were Terry McAuliffe’s third and fourth largest campaign contributors, respectively. Virginia Sierra Club is #13 on the list. You’d have to click around for 15 minutes to the third or fourth page of top donors just to even find Dominion…

Again, not hard to look up guys.

But what should require a little bit of investigative reporting?  How’s about the effort to question the Atlantic Coast Pipeline until it fails?  From the Roanoke Times (where actual reporting gets done from time to time):

An exasperated Downs recently piled atop his desk a stack of three-ring binders of material submitted since Dec. 22 to provide a visual portrait of what feels to him like a three-ring circus in which the public’s role is as bewildered spectator of a process that he and others believe favors pipeline companies.

“It seems like part of the strategy is to just drown the public in filings,” he said.

Small problem with all of that.  This is part of the intensive work that the anti-clean energy folks demanded of Dominion from day one.

So they provide the information… and all of the sudden, this becomes obfuscation?  Question, question, question until folks give up.

What more interesting to folks such as myself is the intensive public affairs campaign orchestrated against both the Mountain Valley Pipeline and the Atlantic Coast Pipeline by outside actors — specifically those attached to TransAmerica and Soros-linked groups in support of Perriello’s candidacy for the Democratic nod for governor.

Maybe that’s worth a bit of a sneak peek by our intrepid reporting class?