A washed-up comedienne tried to earn some kudos and attention with her left-wing screen stars by coming up with a joke.  She pretended she beheaded President Trump in a photo.

Funny?  Laughing yet?

The internet exploded with outrage as the White House, Republicans, Independents and people across the country demanded apologies and firings.

Except Kathy Griffin doesn’t have much to be fired from.  She co-hosted a CNN New Year’s Eve show (how low on the social ladder do you have to be to watch CNN on New Year’s Eve?).  CNN ended her one-night of work per year with them.  Also lost is her sponsorship gig of the world-famous, internationally-renowned, award-winning Squatty Potty that I never heard of.

Oh, and there’s her comedy “tour” which has one date booked between now and November.

Before this beheading incident, she’s had multiple cable tv shows cancelled and has been banned from The View, the Tonight Show, the Apollo Theater, and fired from the must-see E! red-carpet awards pre-shows.

She’s attacked Christians on tv (her comments were cut from the broadcast) and now she thinks she crossed the line?

Now she apologizes, and why?  Only this – her so-called friends in the Hollywood Left abandoned her.  That’s it.

See, that’s why she was doing what she was doing?  Trump-bashing is a rite of passage in Hollywood.  Want to win an award?  Bash Trump.  Want to get booked again?  Bash Trump.  Concert tour going a little slow?  Bash Trump.

Bash Trump and get your buddies in Hollywood to retweet it.  Affirmation!

But they didn’t.  Celebrities (the only people whose opinions she cares about) backed away from her.  Only then did Griffin “apologize.”

And what did she say?  “I understand how it offends people. It wasn’t funny.”

Bull!  She knew it would offend people, but she thought it would only offend people she didn’t care about.  Once she found out it offended Hollywood celebrities, industry bookers and network executives, THEN she was sorry.

She thought it was funny until then.  Remember, this wasn’t live.  This was a planned photo shoot.  Someone pitched this.  She did the photo shoot.  She agreed.  She thought it was funny and posted it on twitter.  NOW she says it wasn’t funny, but what she means is “I thought my friends would think it’s funny, too.”

I understand the feelings of many people who want to organize a boycott against Kathy Griffin, but that would be like boycotting scientists who believe the earth is flat.  There’s not much there to boycott.

It’s not like this is anything new for Kathy Griffin.  She’s been offensive for years, and fired/cancelled/banned because of it.  She’s always used the excuse that she is just making jokes so she should be absolved from any responsibility of what she says.

The difference is that this time, her peers pushed back.

That’s the only thing she’s truly sorry about.