What Corey Stewart is to Confederate flags, Tom Perriello is to expensive energy rates and rusted out windmills.

In an apparent rush to make absolutely sure there will is no anti-clean energy group that Perriello could possibly refuse, here comes Bill McKibben of 350.org to the floor to pay obeisance and pinch the incense to the altar of humans-bad-trees-good:

“We stand at a defining moment in Virginia, where we can double down on rusty old ideas like fossil fuel pipelines and monopolies or embrace the next generation of jobs in clean energy and distributive power,” said Tom Perriello. “Our agenda gives Virginians a real choice of better jobs while saving our vulnerable coastline and protecting clean air and water against attacks by Donald Trump and Republicans in Washington and Richmond. As Bill knows, climate change is an existential threat for Virginia and our planet, and as governor, I’ll work hand-in-hand with advocates and experts to put our Commonwealth at the front of clean energy development in America.”

Don’t worry — it sounded better in the original Russian.

So who is this Bill McKibben character anyhow?  A shady guy whose funding comes from shadow groups with a deeply conflicted past when it comes to consistency on environmental policy:

Guess how environmentally loony these guys are?  McKibben’s agenda is that while property owners through their local governments should be able to stop natural gas, McKibben believes government should be able to force localities to accept wind turbines… along say, the Shenandoah Valley, perhaps:

Minter gleefully told listeners that she had been endorsed by McKibben and that local communities shouldn’t be able to stop wind projects because “climate change is here.” In his response on the same question, Galbraith didn’t equivocate. He said that wind projects built atop Vermont’s ridgelines are “an ecological disaster.”

Of course, the priorities of Big Wind mean that rather than having 10 feet shaved off a mountain to be covered by trees later — Perriello has now linked himself to an activist perfectly willing to dot the Skyline Drive with 200 foot tall wind turbines where perhaps as many as 1 in 4 simply don’t work:

In America, these numbers are harder to come by — another red flag for investors — but as many as 1 in 4 wind turbines just does not work. Some do not even spin. Others spin, but do not generate electricity, so it is hard to tell by looking at them.

Hawaii provides the favorite example: The 37 turbines at the Kamaoa Wind Farm stood derelict for more than six years after it was discovered that repairs were more expensive than replacements. This is just one of six abandoned wind farms in one of the most wind-ideal places on the planet.

…and Tom Perriello sold out to that?

Perriello has literally aligned himself with the worst of both worlds.  Not only does Tom Perriello oppose clean energy and the development of Virginia’s natural resources, he has allied himself wackos like McKibben and sold out to Big Wind in an effort to dot our beautiful Virginia landscape with rusted out hulks that don’t work.

Great work, guys… way to ruin it for the rest of us.