Robert Holland, 2 SC Infantry – only one of our family war dead – killed Battle of Seven Pines and his brother, my GG-Grandfather, Daniel Webster Holland, 2 SC Infantry – surrendered April 1865. The Hollands were devout Methodists who believed slavery was a sin against God. All 5 brothers served their sovereign state.

They Hate Our Dead

Memorial Day 2017

They want to tear down every Confederate statue and memorial. They hate so much that they hate our dead.

They demand the cultural cleansing of Virginia because:

  • Confederate monuments honor slavery and racism. No. The monuments honor the soldiers and leaders. You choose to see slavery when you actually look at the statue of a soldier.
  • But, they fought for slavery and racism. SMH. Bless your heart.
    • Was our American Revolution about taxes or the right to tax? A key issue for some states in our War Between the States was the state right to allow or ban slavery. For other states, like Virginia, it was about Lincoln ordering Virginia to conquer South Carolina and invading armies through Virginia to do so. For, the Civilized Indian Tribes in Oklahoma it was different altogether.
    • Slavery wasn’t the central aspect in the very divisive banking, tariff, tax issues, etc.
    • My GG-Grandfather’s brother, Robert Holland, wrote, “if we give the Yankees one more ‘breshing’ out maybe they will leave us alone.” They believed slavery was a sin against God. They, like many, fought against the invading armies – period.
    • Life and war aren’t the PC cartoon history of “Presentism”.
    • Does the argument that Confederate Americans fought – de facto – for slavery apply to our Patriots in the American Revolution? Every new U.S. state had slavery in 1776. The Brits offered slaves their freedom.  America kept slavery – recognized it in the 1787 Constitution.  The Founders and Confederates, alike, were fighting for independence, not for slavery.
    • Racism was North and South. States decided on their own to end slavery one by one – slowly. 19 of 24 Northern states restricted Blacks’ right to vote. Connecticut voters denied Blacks the right to vote in 1865! Michigan and Wisconsin denied full rights to free Blacks in 1865 after the South surrendered.
  • But, slavery is the worst, unpardonable sin. Really? Is an armed invasion of the neighboring people you’ve lived with in peace actually moral?
    • Are war crimes, like making my G-Grandmother deaf at the age of 8 in an act of terrorism, justified because her state allowed human bondage?
    • Does slavery stain our Revolution and all the Yankees who got rich shipping slaves and milling the cotton they picked? Grant owned a slave until 1859. His wife’s family owned slaves during the War. Take down their monuments and erase their names?
    • Since slavery is awful, why aren’t the self-righteous prigs fighting to free the slaves that Muslims still hold in Africa? Is moral outrage selective in time and place?
  • But, they committed treason. No Confederate was tried for treason. They would have won in court. The Founders make the argument for our 1787 Constitution in the Federalist Papers clearly – the States are sovereign. See the 10th Amendment. Americans first loyalty, legally, was to their state. When states leave a voluntary union, it is treason to not go with your state.
  • But, it offends some people. People chose to be offended. There is no right to not be offended. Toleration should be a two way street. Live and let live.
    • It offends many people that monuments honoring their heritage are found offensive.
    • It offends many without a blood connection to the War that history haters want to erase history like other Totalitarians always do.
  • But, it hurts some people. Who are these weak cowards, these snowflakes, who suffer from a silent statue?
    • The descendants of slaves should be stronger. No people on earth ever came up as far, as fast, over such obstacles, as well as Blacks in America from 1865 to 1965. They, who actually overcame, would be ashamed of these crybabies.
    • We can teach all children to take pride in progress as well as the reflected glory in great valor and courage praised by the Yankees who actually fought Confederates.
  • But, it shouldn’t be in the public square. If future generations have half the courage of Confederates, then America will survive well.
    • More Virginians died defending Virginia than in all the wars put together. Such sacrifice and tragedy belongs in public.
    • Learn right lessons. We never want another civil war. But, when other war comes we want to fight with the tenacity of Virginians past.
    • Confederate veterans are American veterans by law – see U.S. Code. Confederate graves are in Arlington National Cemetery.
    • Our Virginia history belongs to all Virginians. If history is divided by identity politics then E Pluribus Unum is in danger as much as Sic Semper Tyrannis is.  We, Virginians, share a common past, present and future. Shame on you.

Hey, Totalitarians, “Do you really hate my ancestors?” How sick and twisted is your hatred?

Shame on you.

Confederate veterans are American veterans. Confederate widows created Memorial Day.