The greatest public act a man can perform is to throw themselves into a public life at a time when they could be doing any number of other things. Pat Mullins was such a man.

One always assumes that there will be another lunch, another phone call, one more instance where a name will be heard in politics and you’ll get the chance to ask how folks are doing. Our eyes are going to tell us that chance has passed. Our faith tells us there will be one lasting and eternal moment where catching up will be the least thing on our minds.

Chairman Mullins was and remains an example of a quiet, cheerful, bridge building sort of leadership which exemplified the qualities of a Virginia gentleman. No other human being could pack seven syllables into “How are you?” and make you feel as if at a moment you were the focal point of his attention. His love for the Republican Party and the conservative movement commanded both loyalty and service.

To the Mullins family, one can only express a heartfelt thank you knowing that tens of thousands of us are praying tonight, but with immense gratitude knowing and learning from a truly great man.

In a providential turn, Mullins last great act on this earth will be to unite the party in his remembrance — much as he did in public life.

  • rdboyer

    VERY sad to hear that my friend Pat Mullins, the former chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia (“RPV”), has passed away.

    Pat was a truly decent human being, who navigated the tricky waters of a
    divided Virginia GOP with dignity and class. I didn’t always agree, but
    more often than not I did.

    And Pat built a reputation on doing what was right. He had respect from folks across virtually all the fault lines in RPV.

    He was a stickler for doing things according to the rules, and
    defending the party against folks who tried to use the party’s process
    to destroy its candidates. He was a great friend to us in the Campbell
    County GOP, helping us recover from the hostile takeover by rulebreaking
    leftist activists in 2014.

    You will be missed, my friend.Thank
    you for all your efforts on behalf of leaving a better America for my
    kids and your grandkids.

    All of us in the Republican Party of Virginia are in your debt. Rest in peace.

    (And thanks, Shaun, for a thoughtful tribute).

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