The American response to the Oklahoma bombing is our common ground. This is an icon for a Christian and American identity alternative to Alt-Right.

An Alt to Alt-Right

Recently, UVA grad Richard Spencer led a rally in Charlottesville against removing the Robert E. Lee statue. Apparently, Spencer is a leader in the Alt-Right movement – an alternative to conservatism. I write “apparently” because my knowledge of the Alt-Right is all secondary sources. Life is too short to read their stuff if it really is all about White Nationalism, European Tribalism, and rejects America as set of ideas. Should the criticisms of the rally capture the essence of the movement, we can take pleasure that only 150 advocates could be mustered all across the mid-Atlantic states. On the other hand, if this movement has Russian, or other, funding to feed its growth, let’s consider an alternative.

The “Deplorables” who were the margin of victory for President Donald Trump were the White, working class folks, especially those great Yankees in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. This Southerner is deeply grateful for them stopping HRH Hillary the First, but I digress. The Deplorables have grievances.

The Liberals Progressives Commies condescendingly disparage Deplorables as motivated by fear and ignorance. Bovine Scatology. The Deplorables are moved by their love of family and home – pride in being American and the freedom of their way of life. The Alt-Right provides a false and dangerous narrative for their legitimate issues in White Identity.   A better alternative is Christian Identity or American Identity.

Christian Identity speaks to the 25-30% (more in the South, less in blue cities, the North and far West) of America that is Evangelical and practicing Catholic Christian. These Cruz voters, who went whole hog for Trump once he got the nomination, have an identity in place that transcends color. All lives matter to Christians. The secret unknown outside the South is the success of the Civil Rights movement, Dr. King’s dream, in the transformation of the heart for the overwhelming majority of Southern Whites away from racial prejudice. Especially, the Bible-believing Evangelicals.

All-American Identity speaks to the 15-20% of America that is cautiously Conservative, but completely living in the current, post-Christian, modern, popular culture which shies from overt Christianity. These Trump voters believe in America as an ascending idea.

The problem is the Liberal Progressive Commie Democrat hierarchy of evil needed to perpetuate permanent victimhood for protected classes of persons is: Southerners, Christians, Males, Whites – in descending order. Capitalists, entrepreneurs, and business people are included in each category of the designated most hated haters. Deplorables are called every kind of hater, fill-in-blank-phobe, the Left Liberal Progressive Commies can invent. It’s getting worse. Eventually, Deplorables will start to think of themselves as White. The Civil Rights wins could be undone. Woe to America if Whites start thinking about themselves as white again – as Whites become a minority.

The alternative is to use Christian American and all-American (think every movie made during WW II) identity language to speak to the issues.

Open borders and illegal immigration, globalism moving manufacturing jobs away, racial preferences and set asides called ‘diversity’, cultural cleansing of Southern monuments and symbols and public Christianity, disparaging all that is “American”, all things PC, no dissent and no free speech indoctrination in captured institutions of education, entertainment, government, apostate churches and big corporations, voting fraud, emasculation of the military — in all meanings, both political party elites — The Establishment – greed, Obamacare nightmare, importing non-assimilating Muslims and their Islamist cohort, Gaystopo suppression of Christian religious freedom, and the growing, open hatred from the Left Liberal Progressive Democrats Commies towards Southerners, Christians, Males and Whites because their very identity as such brands them as “haters” – are issues to be addressed.

But, don’t use the language of the Left Liberal Progressive Democrats Commies to describe the problem. Don’t use their language to discredit the Alt-Right. Use different words to destroy the Alt-Right. The Left Liberal Progressive Democrats Commies will bark their usual diatribe against such language. They’ll scream at anything Conservatives say.  They’ll be crying ‘wolf’ when Gabriel blows his horn (where does that reference come from? Hint, hint.)

The politician who masters this new narrative in an even more nuanced and deliberate fashion than President Trump can unite the Conservative Right, the Deplorables and enough of the mushy middle to defeat the Left Liberal Progressive Democrats Commies in most states in the Union.

The Republican candidates for office in Virginia could give it a try in 2017.

Heroic first responders. Love and compassion for a precious child. This America is who we are.
  • Richard Statman

    One way not to alt the alt -right would be to have them
    Apply to be part of your local political party committee.
    Someone in the local Albemarle county Republican Party
    Thought involvement with the alt-right to be just fine.
    That person has withdrawn his application according to the
    Charlottesville Daily Progress.
    Makes one wonder .