From the Washington Post, which helpfully redefines the word aghast.

“Today most of the anti-Semitic bigotry is not coming from the right. It’s coming from the left. We have to face it,” said Stewart, prompting a collective gasp and incredulous laughter from the crowd of about 400 at Temple Rodef Shalom in Fairfax County.

Stewart, who is significantly lagging in his campaign for the Republican nomination behind front-runner Ed Gillespie, has made the defense of the state’s Confederate heritage a mainstay of his bid and has attracted support from white supremacists.

Good Lord…

I mean, you always wondered whether Corey Stewart was a “big tent” sort of Republican.  No seriously… where else can you find 40 of your closest (white) friends and burn a swastika with them for kicks on a Friday night?

The master race is awfully fat, aren’t they?

I mean, how obtuse does a guy have to be?  Stewart’s campaign has literally brought the alt-right identitarians into the mainstream of Virginia (and American) politics — and he honestly believes that he is just what?  Measuring up to the equal fill of the left?  Balancing out the anti-Semitism karma?

What an absolutely disgusting caricature his candidacy has become.

  • John Massoud

    Corey Stewart is technically correct when he says that the majority of anti-Semitism in this country comes from the left. He would be better off calling out these people on their own anti-Semitism as well.

    • How hard is it to answer this question though? Anti-Semtism in every form is to be instantly rejected wherever it is seen, spoken, or echoed — if for no other reason than such sentiment strikes at the very taproot of Western Civilization.

      • John Massoud

        You are correct here. Israel has no bigger fan than I. Other than my Dad. Corey Stewart (as I said above) should have called out the anti Semitic bigots on our side. What I was saying was that 80-90% of the anti Semites are on the left of the political divide, and there Corey is technically correct.

  • James Young

    So today’s Two-Minute Corey Hate denies the obvious? Fascinating.