Two sources confirming the information.  First, a rather anonymous source @CoreyStewartMN via Twitter:

…and then Mike Valerio at WUSA 9 in Washington, who had the information first just two hours ago (and mere seconds after Stewart announced his live feed tonight at 7pm):

In the wake of the alt-right protests in Charlottesville around the Lee Statue — an ill-advised cornerstone of Stewart’s quixotic campaign for governor — the Stewart campaign has been strangely quiet these last two weeks.

Rumors that the money has dried up and donors folding their wallets and shaking their heads seem to be proven true, as even paid staffers have been confiding to both The Jeffersoniad and Bearing Drift contributors that Stewart has lost interest.


UPDATE:  WUSA9 is on the bleeding edge of this one with an unconfirmed report that Stewart is deciding on whether to make an announcement at 7pm tonight:

Inside sources told WUSA9 that Stewart, one of the three Republicans running in the upcoming primary, is deciding whether or not to stay in the race.  His campaign says Stewart will make an announcement on the subject on Facebook Monday at 7 p.m.

Sources also told WUSA9 that a Saturday protest in Charlottesville over plans to remove a monument of a Confederate general Robert E. Lee  had an impact on Stewart who has led his own protest at the same statute.


UPDATE x2:  Now POLITICO has jumped into the fray:

On Monday, there were signs that Stewart might be about to answer his own question about whether his strategy of outrage has succeeded. A local television station was reporting he might drop out of the race. Stewart, always accessible, didn’t pick up the phone Monday afternoon. Instead he responded with a text: “Will make my statement tonight at 7p.m. on Facebook Live.”

WUSA 9 was indeed first to break the rumors of a story here.  Others are starting to piece things together (most notably, the absence of any “troll army” activity to refute claims that Stewart is indeed backing out).

UPDATE x3: Here comes the bait and switch! From WNBC 4:

So now we have several conflicting stories.  Former State Senator Steve Martin is stating that several Stewart staffers are confirming that he will be suspending his campaign for governor… so whatever the new narrative is, it is certainly upending the old one.

Something we anticipated.


  • frank papcin

    lost interest?— it’s like saying he doesn’t care?– will he support anyone & who?–for what? at least John Adams?

    • John Massoud

      One could also say, at this point, what difference does it make?

  • John Massoud

    The WUSA reporter seems to be backing off the original claim, but something ain’t right with Team Stewart.

  • William Totten

    Tune into Corey’s facebook at 7!

  • William Totten

    Shaun, I am not even going to pick on you over this….you look silly enough right now without me pointing it out.

  • Chad Parker

    I’ve said it before. . .when Stewart loses on June 13, his campaign staff should be blackballed from legitimate campaigns here on out. At least the upper level. They’ve learned too many bad tactics. They’re damaged goods.

  • Downstater

    So this was indeed more false news. Does this blog even have any legitimacy at this point?

  • Jonny Lawson

    I love how it is seen as “Developing News” and “the Bait and Switch” when you can clearly see the time stamps on every twitter feed and it’s chronologically solved before 4pm..
    Three hours later he denounces issues..and you say it’s “something we anticipated”. No it wasn’t, you’re full of shit. You got hyped up just like he wanted you to and showed your true colors..(clap clap) bravo..

    This..this killed your blog to should be better than the sensationalism and you proved you are not..

  • James Popek

    What is this? The failing New York Times?

  • Greg Aldridge

    A racist who doesn’t pay his bills.