Virginia LG candidate Delegate Glenn Davis is firing back against social media ads being run by State Senator Jill Vogel, claiming that her recent Facebook ads are not only a violation of Virginia election law, but a violation of her pledge to have run a clean campaign at the recent 3rd District GOP Debate in Smithfield, Virginia.

Specifically, the ads were revealed in a Jeffersoniad post one day ago:

The social media ad implies that a Virginian-Pilot article accuses Davis of launching into attacks to “distract” from his record, stating that Davis had engaged in a series of “false and negative attacks that seem desperate,” linking to a 2014 op-ed where Davis isn’t launching into any attacks at all, but defending his decision to work on a “third way” between Medicaid expansion and blowing a $7 billion hole in the budget.  Too clever by half.

Of course, the problem here is that the ad wasn’t even run through a third party organization to cover tracks.  This negative ad came directly from the Vogel campaign:


Davis offered the following statement in response:

At Saturday’s debate in Isle of Wight Vogel “promised that people appreciate” that she has “never run one negative ad.” What I’m sure Virginia voters don’t appreciate is an ethics lawyer violating election law to mask her attacks so she can pretend to take the “high ground.”

Ouch x2.

Now whether the allegation of violating Virginia campaign finance laws is correct, that will be in the hands of the Davis campaign to pursue with the Virginia Department of Elections (and digital advertising is one of those hazy grounds indeed).

Still, it’s a bush league mistake by the Vogel campaign… not to mention, it has ruffled more than a few feathers over at the Virginian-Pilot who are none too pleased about being mischaracterized.