Republican Ed Gillespie — the putative frontrunner for the Virginia GOP gubernatorial nod — is coming strong out of the gate with a statewide ad that is emphasizing the scope of his tax schematic… the first true income tax rate cut in 45 years:

Good pace to this ad too, even if it is a tad bit high on the polish (i.e. when you contrast it to the Perriello ads?  Perriello is talking right into the camera… it’s achieving a different goal — getting to know you vs. getting riled up).

Meanwhile, Jill Vogel’s first ad for her lieutenant governor’s bid is downright… well… normal.

I mean, suburban?  CHECK.
Kids?  CHECK.
Mom?  CHECK.

…but where are the terrorists running out of homes with BDUs and aviator bags??

Seriously good ad from the Vogel campaign.  Nothing *yet* from the Davis campaign, but I expect that Davis’ numbers at the moment are getting better as both Vogel and Reeves begin to cover their flank against what to date has proven to be a very positive effort.


…because what ad isn’t made better by faux terrorists?