Five weeks to go before the primary, and the only contested race for Virginia Republicans — already comical — is ramping up to get a bit worse.

Most folks have already seen the ad from Bryce Reeves with terrorists (in 1980s era BDUs) in your upper class suburban neighborhood.  So we decided to have a bit of fun with that and made this:

…and just to show that no good deed goes unpunished, the Davis campaign responded with…

Honestly, we’re flattered that we have that much sway among erstwhile bored Davis staffers who — much like Corey staffers — appear to have nothing better to do with their time (and enjoy spending their candidate’s resources on… well… this).

Yet not to be outdone, Team Vogel is running a series of Facebook ads this week!

That’s right ladies and gentlemen!  Glenn Davis is a tax-mongering incompetent who apparently has the same folks who do Frank Wagner and Corey Stewart-style Facebook ad editing working against them…

So who’s running the ad?  Gee… how clever… it appears as if folks didn’t want us to know:

Oops.  Of course, it’s not as bad as say — Bryce Reeves’ campaign actually soliciting Democrats via Facebook… but it’s close (and yes, that happened — pics if you want ’em).

Also to be filed in the category of more stupid comes this article from Travis Fain over at the Daily Press, which discusses Reeves’ campaign claim that he successfully blocked over $99 billion in tax hikes!

I mean, holy crap… $99 billion?

Asked to back up the claim, which appeared on at least two pages of Reeves’ site for at least four months, the campaign said it was a typo. Should be $9 billion, spokeswoman Sam Azzarelli said.

. . .

Asked to back up this claim, Azzarelli produced a list of 35 bills Reeves opposed or budget amendments he has backed. Most were sponsored by Democrats, weren’t particular McAuliffe priorities and went nowhere during recent sessions.

Several had Republican sponsors. One was a 2013 bill from GOP state Sen. Mark Obenshain to require photographs in pollbooks, which Reeves actually voted for. It was one of at least three bills the campaign pointed to that predate McAuliffe’s time in office. That includes the landmark 2013 transportation tax deal sponsored by Speaker of the House William Howell, R-Stafford, and backed by then Gov. Bob McDonnell, who is also a Republican.

So even the $9 billion claim doesn’t wash?  Ouch…

Of course, the best part of this article comes from McAuliffe press spokesman Brian Coy:

“I have a confession,” McAuliffe spokesman Brian Coy said Friday, when asked to comment on the billion figure. “We’ve been secretly financing a space station. We would have gotten away with it, too, if it hadn’t been for Bryce Reeves.”

…and isn’t that what Democrats get you?  A mere space station… when the masses are clamoring for a Death Star.

Up your game, T-Mac.  Sheesh.

As for the next five weeks?  Consider the commission of serial stupid to begin in earnest, with millennial staff trying to out-meme one another in lieu of actual hard work and old fashioned ground pounding.

…and for the record?  Not working for any of these candidates, and certainly undecided at this point (yes, even at this late date — still undecided) — mostly because I know the candidates and charitably assume they aren’t intentionally condoning stupid in the public square.

But man, does it get tiring pointing it out.

  • Glenn Davis

    The meme concerning my opponents’ comments on the Second Amendment was not authorized by the campaign. We do have energetic and excited volunteers who believe in our message and want the next LG to be Glenn Davis. My two opponents have shown, one through inflating his resume on tax savings to the tune of over $90 billion and the other writing legislation that worsens the marriage penalty and wealth redistribution, that they are not qualified to bring our economy back through meaningful tax reform. I am, and that is our message to the voters of Virginia. We will make Virginia #1 again for business and job growth!

    • With neighboring states having a head start, can we make ourselves more competitive without having to cut spending on necessary infrastructure?

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  • Jimmy Frost

    I would also point out that the pilot ad is one that I took of Mr. Davis aboard his RV at the State Convention last year and never authorized the Vogel camp or any of their vendors to use.

    Even when reversed, I can recognize my own work. Stealing intellectual property is not cool Mrs. Vogel.