They’re damned if they do; they’re damned if they don’t.

Politicians and pundits take it as a matter of faith that campaigns must remain “On message”.  To be fair, it is very sound advice. One never knows exactly when voters will come to one’s attention, so you don’t want to accidentally send them off the path.

That said, politics is also a niche interest for many people, including many Britons…and  at least one of them got the opportunity to express how fed up he is about endless repitition in messaging (Daily Mail).

One audience member summed up the weariness of voters, barely a week into the campaign, as he hit out at Work and Pensions Secretary Damian Green during the BBC show last night.

‘If we’re going to have an election, can we at least have a grown-up election?’ he said.

‘I bet my wife £10 that Damian (Green) would say ‘coalition of chaos’ and ‘strong and stable government’ as his first contribution.’

In a reference to Mrs May’s relentless message discipline, he man added: ‘Has he caught the repetitive cliche virus from his boss?’


There is a lesson in this for politicians of all stripes. Know your audience.  Otherwise, “On Message” can end up off-putting.