Apparently all it took was a couple of polls.

As soon as pollsters were projecting a Conservative surge in rural Scotland, the currently domination Scottish National Party began trying to figure out how to see it off. Given recent SNP success, one cannot reject outright the possibility that they find the right strategy for it. For now, however, they’re all over the map looking for it.

It began with Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon insisting that the vote on 8 June is not a de facto referendum on independence. In less than 24 hours, her predecessor went the other way.

Alex Salmond is at war with Nicola Sturgeon over the General Election – defying his party leader to insist it is about Scottish independence.

Scotland’s First Minister has tried to downplay the importance of the June 8 vote on her bid to break up the United Kingdom.

But Mr Salmond set himself on a collision course with his leader by insisting that for Scottish voters the looming election is about the ‘right of the Scottish parliament’ to hold a second referendum.

Putting aside the hyperbole – it is the Daily Mail, after all – Salmond, who quit as First Minister after losing the 2014 independence referendum, clearly is off script – assuming the SNP has a script.

Of course, this could be dismissed as a tactical point, given that the SNP is nearly unanimous on its Leave-the-UK-to-stay-in-the-EU position…

…or at least it was until yesterday (Telegraph).

In a further extraordinary move, two SNP MPs who face a surge in Conservative support in their seats signed a petition supporting the UK pulling out of the EU and the hated Common Fisheries Policy (CFP).

Despite the Nationalists’ official policy being in favour of remaining in both, Eilidh Whiteford and Mike Weir added their names to a pledge tabled by the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation that stated that Brexit presented the industry with a “sea of opportunity.”

In other words, the SNP fully supports staying in the EU – unless you’re one of their MPs facing a Tory surge on northeastern coast.

Glad we’ve sorted that out.