It’s not the world’s longest list… but it’s a workable one.  From the release:

Ed believes human life, beginning at conception and ending at natural death, should be cherished and protected.

He’s pro-life and will defend and protect innocent human life, and Virginia needs a governor who will stand up for the least among us, including the unborn. As governor, he will work to foster a culture that respects innocent human life by promoting policies that reduce unplanned pregnancies, increase access to adoption and foster care, and give every woman the opportunity to choose life.

The rollout will include over 100 pro-life Virginians from about every stripe and caliber by the time it is all said and done.

Pro-life statements don’t come any more clear than this, and if it has the touch of being a bit understated?  There’s a reason for it — because for Gillespie, it is a matter of faith — a value, not a political issue.

That’s notable… and in fact, gives your hard line pro-lifers such as yours truly a great deal of encouragement.