If you’re looking for the next Governor of Virginia to do something positive about the economy, attract new industries and jobs to Virginia, make it easier for businesses to survive and hire rather than run to Maryland, North Carolina or other states, the Democrats don’t care about the economy.

All they care about is abortion.

In the battle for the Democratic Nomination for Governor, LG Ralph Northam and former Congressman Tom Perriello finally found an issue to disagree on!  Who can be counted on to make sure babies are aborted at a rate satisfactory to the far left extremists of the Democrat Party?

Both candidates want Democrats to believe it isn’t the other guy.

Northam’s campaign says Perriello’s vote for the  Stupak-Pitts amendment to Obamacare shows he’s not as pro-choice as he says he is.  That amendment would’ve blocked Obamacare from funding abortions.  64 House Democrats voted for that bill, and all but a few of them are gone from the House.  Today, Pro-Life Democrats are as rare in Washington as a Republican in Hollywood.

To say the Democratic Party has doubled down on abortion would be a severe understatement.  Triple down?  Quadruple?  Still an understatement.

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez proclaimed that being pro-abortion is “not negotiable” and Democrats must favor abortion and speak with “one voice”.  His.

Also, Democratic Senator Dick Durbin demands 100% purity from elected Democrats.

So, no wonder the Democratic battle for one of only two Governorships up this year has only one issue to debate.  Who is more pro-abortion?

Perriello’s return salvo?  Ralph Northam admitted to voting for George W. Bush twice.

That’s it.

Now, I don’t mean to denigrate the attack from Perriello.  I get it.  It’s right up there with criticizing a Republican for giving the Obama campaign $1,000.

But of all the issues to play in a Democratic Primary over Northam’s support of Bush twice over both Al Gore and John Kerry, the fact that Bush was pro-life doesn’t make the Top 5.

Bush did not have low poll numbers because of his pro-life stance.  Democrats didn’t pour on the hate and vitriol throughout Bush’s Presidency, especially in the second term, because of abortion.

But Perriello cashed in that chip to score points on abortion.  In my view, that’s a wasted chip.

But it shows the state of the Democrat Party today and its demand for strict adherence to the 100% pro-abortion stance of the Party.

As recently as yesterday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi started shivering as she distanced herself from the demand for abortion compliance and tried to pivot back to economic issues.

But she’s alone.  The Democrat Party is making it clear that abortion is all that matters, and candidates better be on the abortion side and not the babies’.

After years and years of accusing Republicans of being too focused on social issues, it is the Democrats who actually are not only too focused on social issues, but are demanding uniform compliance and purity on the abortion issue to the point of casting out candidates who dare to think and speak for themselves.

  • John Deviney

    I think the abortion issue is a perfect chimera, one that Ronald Reagan flip-flopped and grabbed onto in the wake of what seems like a rather broad and somewhat unexpected (though frankly judiciously sound) SCOTUS ruling. I cannot tell you how many times I have been told by young women and men that they would be more likely to vote Republican if the party weren’t so ideological and dogmatic. The reason Democrats are arguing about “Who can be counted on to make sure babies are aborted at a rate satisfactory to the far left extremists of the Democrat Party?” is because Republicans having ridden the back of this tiger sometime have scared the hell out of a great many people who have come to think of these difficult decisions as a matter of healthcare and individual choice and of a woman’s very autonomy. I am no lover of abortion, but I can tell you that I cast my first Democratic vote for the Presidency last year because I believed that the Republican nominee was an unacceptable candidate for Commander-in-Chief and that I thought GOP ideology was too enthralled with this out of touch ideological nonsense for the good of any party or country at this time. Very few people look to abortion with a sense of glee, and those who say they do are probably just saying that to bait you, but this has become an issue as sacred to women’s sense of their own future and lives as the sacredness of property rights is to all of us.