Just days after Perriello drank the George Soros Kool-Aid with $380,000 in Soros-linked donations, it would appear as if Virginia Democrats are treating the raw sewage of the Soros machine as a hot tub.

To wit, this morning’s Richmond Times-Dispatch announces something that should shock most folks — the Democratic Party of Virginia declaring open warfare against Dominion Power:

Citing President Donald Trump’s executive order aimed at rolling back the Obama administration’s efforts to combat climate change, the House candidates’ pledge calls for a “principled stand” against the fossil-fuel industry to prevent “environmental catastrophe.”

“For years, Appalachian Power and Dominion in particular have pumped cash into the coffers of politicians from both political parties in Virginia — and, of course, into the parties themselves,” the pledge reads. “These interests are not driven by the protection of our environment or concerns about public health, but by the profit motive.”

Nevermind the rank hypocrisy of Perriello taking $380,000 of Keystone XL fueled profit to run his campaign for governor against Democratic challenger Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam.

…and nevermind the fact that the Democratic Party of Virginia has taken $125,309 from Dominion over the 2016-17 cycle alone.  $290,000 since 2010.  If DPVA had any integrity whatsoever, they’d cut those checks back to Dominion — would they not?

Here’s a shocker for folks: Dominion has donated over $411,000 to Democratic candidates over the last two-year cycle, compared to just $350,000 to Republican candidates.  For what?  Not much, it would appear…

Here’s the additional kicker, and this is something folks may not know.  

The Port of Virginia is one of the few international ports of call in the world.  Not national — international.  The Atlantic Coast Pipeline would bolster Virginia’s prominence on the world stage, not just in terms of access to energy resources but also in terms of revenue for the Commonwealth — revenue that funds good schools, better roads, workforce development, microfinance opportunities, and more resources for first responders.

Of course backers of Keystone XL would be hostile to the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.
Of course George Soros would play ball in Virginia to stop a rival.
Of course the Democratic establishment would sell out to Big Oil.
Of course TransAmerica and Columbia shareholders would take an interest in putting the brakes on Virginia becoming a leading international port of call for energy resources.

Why?  Because this game is all about money — pure and simple.  Keystone XL backers would rather shackle Virginia and the rest of the nation to their own fate, thus making them “too big to fail” while stomping out rivals.

These 50 or so Democrats aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed.  Rather, they are wannabe politicians who are perfectly fine selling out their neighbors if it earns them the title of “statesman” — chameleons who will do anything to chase an easy dollar rather than see facts straight on.

Will the Democrats fork over one dime of Dominion money?  If the word integrity has any meaning, they would.  But let’s be absolutely clear as to why the Democrats sold out to George Soros — 30 pieces of silver in order to betray the interests of Virginia taxpayers, plain and simple.

As we’ve said before, the Democrats aren’t anti-pipeline… just anti-that-pipeline.

  • Mike Smith

    All I hear is more money to fund government programs. How does that help the citizenry, private business, private jobs? How does it lower our tax and regulatory burden and make private property more secure?

    • …because it keeps your taxes low, keeps government out of your back pocket, and gives private industry the sphere in which to thrive (including successful ones like Dominion — and maybe one day, yours).

      • Mike Smith

        Since when have politicians said, “Oh! We have extra money now! We’re gonna return some to the taxpayers!”

        • Jefferson… Madison… Monroe… Reagan… Bush… Kennedy…

          Allen… Gilmore…

          • Mike Smith

            So the tax burden in absolute terms was reduced under all of those presidents and governors?

  • Clearly, you do not see the logic. Any good progressive can tell you that you do not need fossil fuels because you can simply get power “from the plug.”