After raising barely $60,000 this first quarter?  If Frank Wagner hadn’t transferred money from his Senate account last year, his campaign would be flat broke.

Here’s some numbers for just how perilous Wagner’s campaign really is at this point.  Over the 90 day period, Wagner has spent $253,593 — about $2,817.70 per day.  In contrast, Wagner has raised on average $664.77 per day over Q1.

That’s a daily net operating loss of $2,153 per day.

If you calculate that there are 74 days between April 1 (when the report ended) and Primary Day, he’d spend $159,322 — and that’s just at Wagner’s his current levels, assuming no increase in spending for the primary. Cash on hand standing at just $178,280, this would leave Wagner with a mere $18,958 in the bank on the day after the election.

We’re not even talking about program, ads, social media, or mail slicks folks.

Meanwhile, the folks that seem the most excited about Wagner’s campaign?  The Democrats (of course), who are using his rhetoric as a wedge against Gillespie, and whose pledge to actually raise taxes is earning applause from the Washington Post editorial board of all places.

Perhaps Wagner’s quixotic campaign is mere a reminder to others that the Virginia Senate can be a prickly bunch indeed — especially when it comes to the business of doing business in Richmond.

However, if victory is the stated purpose of any campaign, Wagner’s best option now would be to take a polite bow and find common cause with the Republican frontrunner.

If Democratic fundraising numbers continue to bear out, regardless as to whether or not the nominee is Northam or Perriello, the Republican ticket is going to require every man to the oars.

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    He’s a poor Republican candidate, He actually has some common sense.