Tom Perriello’s campaign is hurting pretty bad right now.  First comes the image problem after two polls — CNU Wason and Quinnipiac University — got seriously mauled by the recent PPP poll showing his opposition up by 14 points.


Of course, today brings VPAP reports… and lo and behold, who else but George Soros has gifted Tom Perriello a whopping $250,000 to help him get his headstart.

So how did Soros get all that cash?  Ironically, given Perriello’s one man crusade against the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, he seems overzealous to finance his candidacy off of another pipeline project: Keystone XL.

From the Daily Caller:

The second largest Soros energy investment last year was $54 million he paid to buy 3.7 million shares in Columbia Pipeline, an oil and gas pipeline company. Columbia Pipeline completed its merger with TransAmerica — of Keystone XL Pipeline fame — in June 2016. Obama rejected the pipeline, but President Donald Trump has approved it.

As of his latest filing Sept. 30, 2016, Soros still maintained his shares in Columbia even after the merger was complete. If he kept his investment into 2017, he reaped an $8.9 million profit.


…of which $250,000 found its way into Perriello’s campaign for governor in Virginia?

How Perriello intends to reconcile his Corey Stewart-like obsession against Virginia’s energy future while taking Soros’ shilling — entirely subsidized by Keystone XL — poses one hell of a cognitive dissonance problem for dyed in the wool Bernie supporters.

Of course, given other projects — namely Perriello’s attachment to Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, now exposed as part of the Soros-fuelled “Catholic Spring” in DNC Wikileaks — that Perriello has worked on?

The massive cash infusion is only surprising in its size… not that it actually occurred. Yet the dichotomy remains very difficult to understand.

More to the point, Perriello’s anti-Dominion stance seems rather surprising even to the most jaded political  observer, given that Virginia’s capacity to be an international energy hub is literally put at risk by Perriello’s posturing — and as recent campaign finance reports demonstrate, posturing in service to a George Soros who has financial incentives to see the Atlantic Coast Pipeline fail.

Perriello isn’t anti-pipeline… just anti-that-pipeline.

UPDATE: Graham Moomaw over at the RTD includes this as almost a footnote in his article:

Perriello, who opposes the Dominion-backed Atlantic Coast Pipeline, has sworn off contributions from Dominion, the state’s top political donor, which regularly contributes to politicians from both parties.

Though the front part of the article is excellent at staking out the claim that Perriello’s campaign is — shall we say, a bit saccharine — the link between Soros’ Keystone XL investments and the grand total of $380,000 from Soros and his sons?

That’s positively Jonnie Williams territory there.  If that’s how Perriello runs for governor, how on earth will he govern?