The Harrisonburg News and Daily Record has a (firewalled) article on it that — because it is firewalled — won’t get a link.  Screw you, firewalls.

Embattled PWC Chairman Corey Stewart is taking umbrage with political pressure applied by Occupy protesters Antifa agitators Indivisible members who called a local Harrisonburg restaurant and pressured them to cancel an event after Stewart’s racist comments on Reddit.

Stewart took to the press:

Republican gubernatorial candidate Corey Stewart must find a new venue for his Rally to End Illegal Immigration as a result of a telephone campaign intended to stop the rally engineered by George Soros funded liberal activists known as Indivisible.

“This is just one more example of the left’s overt objective of shutting down all debate in the United States,” said Stewart. “The left knows that its opinions cannot thrive in an open, free marketplace of ideas, and so they literally use force to compel everyone to hold their own opinions. No dissent is allowed in the totalitarian future the left is trying to build for us,” explained Stewart. “In addition to Virginia’s problem with illegal immigrants, Harrisonburg in particular is an Obama refugee resettlement site, which is just one more issue Richmond needs to sort out,” Stewart said.

Remember when conservatives used to think this sort of thing wasn’t cool?  You know, forcing small businesses and employees to do things that were against their conscience?

Guess it’s back in vogue now…

Of course, Stewart is trying to mop up the mess after his “cuckservative” slurs against Gillespie and McAuliffe (and anyone who disagrees with his campaign) as something directed at folks with concerns about illegal immigration.

If immigration reform is the sensible position, that would be one thing… but to conflate the alt-right “cuckservative” nationalist position — a term defined by Radix Journal as “a white (non-Jewish) conservative who isn’t racially aware” with those who simply want the laws of the land observed is obtuse at best and painfully tone deaf at worst.

Naturally, this doesn’t make the tactics of Indivisible plausible in the slightest.  Doesn’t matter what skin they feel slipping into from day to day — it’s the same handful of paid agitators that drove the Occupy movement and Antifa riots.  But to watch the socialists take on the nationalists?  If you’re a friend to human liberty, you can’t help but grab the popcorn and laugh.

Stewart’s campaign is now reduced to asking why Harrisonburg restaurants won’t bake his damn cake.  

How droll… how utterly droll.

  • Will Franklin

    Stewart isn’t smart enough to pour piss out of a boot even if the instructions were written on the heel.

    I don’t know why anyone would be surprised his campaign is as inept.

    Also, I wouldn’t blame liberals for this. I think anyone on the left would rejoice if this charlatan somehow beat Gillespie in the primary.