I literally have no idea what the Stewart campaign is attempting to accomplish at this rate.

Strike that. I know exactly what the campaign is trying to accomplish — they’re mainstreaming alt-right language in Virginia (or trying to) in an effort to warm the engines for their putative nominee in the 2018 U.S. Senate race.

Stewart never wanted to be second or third string to all of this, I imagine. These clowns are literally spending his money creating something Stewart cannot control and will not be able to leverage in 2018 — all at the cost of what remains of Stewart’s reputation as a statewide figure.

To wit? This clown car of horribles that the Stewart campaign actually paid money to issue to actual voters:

OK, OK… stop laughing.

Let’s go through this line by line and see if we can pick apart what is actually going on here. Because with only 10 weeks left in the gubernatorial contest and Gillespie up by 27 points, it is really hard to comprehend how this is the penultimate argument for the Stewart campaign.

Should liberal cities like Charlottesville and Richmond be allowed to destroy historical monuments honoring Confederate soldiers like Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson? Ed Gillespie says that’s ok.

Full stop — this is totally untrue. As in, (1) not even factual and (2) who cares? Even the Charlottesville Daily Progress — where this is actually happening — says that Stewart’s claim is false.

Gillespie told the Washington Post he opposes a law protecting these monuments.

Citation please. Because the WaPo website comes up with absolutely nothing. Unless, of course, we’re talking about the fake Facebook ad taken out by a Stewart surrogate that got absolutely destroyed in the mainstream media and taken down by Facebook as a violation of its terms and conditions.

That’s no surprise. It’s part of a pattern with Ed Gillespie.

Pretty sure the pattern isn’t with Ed, folks.

Gillespie lobbied for illegal alien amnesty.

Get real — Politifact slapped that down back in 2014.

…and Gillespie said he would veto a ban on late-term abortions…

You ever see that scene in The Quiet Man where Sean Thornton tells Red Danaher “that’s a lie” — and it ends up like this?

That’s Ed Gillespie punching liars in the throat.

Ed Gillespie is a K-Street insider lobbyist…

…who stands for nothing, lost to Mark Warner three years ago and will lose again in November.

Here’s where the stupid comes into full effect.

Corey Stewart has sold himself as “Trump’s Mini Me” for the duration of 2016… that is, until he got fired by the Trump campaign. Trump nearly lost the Virginia GOP primary to Marco Rubio, carrying a mere plurality of 1/3 of Virginia voters.

You don’t have to be Karl Rove (or even Ray Allen) to figure out that running as the “mini me” to a guy who was repudiated by 2/3rds of Virginia voters is probably not going to end well.

The conservative choice?

…ain’t Corey Stewart.

Corey Stewart.


Corey Stewart for Governor.

I’d rather take Angry Bees for $200, Alex.

A solid record.

…of raising taxes in Prince William (a lot).

More Jobs.

More government jobs.

Stable Taxes.

…you could always depend on Corey to raise ’em for no good reason.

Stand Up To Illegal Immigration.

…by driving out 3,400 legal, law-abiding Hispanic Virginians in an effort to target the other 4,000 illegal immigrants according to the UVA Weldon Cooper School.

Fight Political Correctness.

…by calling everyone names. Worked for the kid in middle school who was destined to flip burgers and you just knew was gonna drop out by mid-February, right?

Corey Stewart.

The courage to fight.

…fight his own nominee for president by committing stupid on a daily basis, that is.

The experience, to win.

…at failing, that is.

SO TO RECAP for the viewing audience Stewart’s litany of fail:

  • The man raises taxes.
  • Lied about Gillespie on partial birth abortion
  • Lied about Gillespie’s career
  • Lied about Gillespie on monuments
  • Lied about what the Code of Virginia says about monuments (i.e. you can’t remove them… simple as that)
  • Lied about Gillespie on immigration

Facts are, Stewart didn’t land a single clean shot. At all. Why is Stewart running for governor again? Was there a single detail in this entire ad? One single positive item to improve the lives of working class Virginians?

There was nothing. Just a pile of cash burnt in the middle of the public square where the consultants got a 10-15% taste.

Is that the sort of person you want working in the Governor’s Mansion?

When a man like Corey Stewart is willing to say or do anything to get a title in front of his name, that’s a clear sign the man isn’t a conservative… just an opportunist.

UPDATE:  Oh this is just ice cold:

Way to go, Chris West.

  • Rick Canton ®

    Just when I thought Marshmallow was going to clean up his act, he goes and throws his money away.


  • Jonathan Erickson

    What a Croc of shit.