So I just read this article out of the Richmond Times-Dispatch, and I had to stop short at the very end of Graham Moomaw’s piece:

A Minnesota native, Stewart acknowledged he has no deep-seated personal connection to the Confederacy, but said he has grown to love the history of his “adopted” state. Taking down a statue or prohibiting the flying of the flag, he said, is “like spitting on your grandfather’s grave.”

Last I checked, my great-grandfather(s) however many paces up the line fought at Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania Courthouse…

How the hell does a Minnesota Yankee relate to what the flag means, again?

  • C.s. Ekstrom

    Your obsession with ED! is the really pathetic fact. I hope you are $hilling for significant money. This will be that last time any RINO pays you for anything! #ItsOver