Prince William County School Board member Willie Deutsch is the first public official to call for PWC Chairman Corey Stewart’s resignation after his use of the word “cuckservative” to describe GOP frontrunner and former RNC Chairman Ed Gillespie.

From the release:

Prince William School Board member and conservative leader Willie Deutsch called on Board of Supervisors Chairman Corey Stewart to resign after Stewart’s use of racially charged language on Reddit this Thursday. His statement is as follows:

Conservative leaders in Prince William County can no longer be silent. Stewart’s values are not conservative values, nor are they Republican values, nor are they Virginia values. The use of racially charged language to further his gubernatorial campaign is divisive, racially motivated, and wrong.

Late Thursday night Corey Stewart referred to his opponent Ed Gillespie as a “cuckservative.” The term is an accusation by the alt-right of being a race traitor, because supporting tolerance and diversity means weakening the power of “White Americans” (hence, cuckolding yourself). Corey Stewart is explicitly wrapping himself in White Nationalism, and accusing Ed Gillespie of insufficiently prioritizing whites over other races.

For Stewart to attack a fellow Republican for not holding the white race in a position of racial supremacy is unconscionable. Such language is not representative of Prince William County, our values, or of Virginians across the Commonwealth. Corey Stewart has disqualified himself as a candidate in the gubernatorial primary.

I am horrified by the dangerous ways Corey Stewart has embraced the white supremacist movement. America was founded on the promise that everyone is equal under the law and has unalienable rights given to us by our Creator. Our nation was built on this revolutionary idea, not on preferring any race or group of people. For Corey Stewart to attack a fellow Republican for not preferring the white race is unconscionable. It should disqualify him as a candidate in the Gubernatorial primary, and it is clearly time for him to step down as Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of Prince William County.”


UPDATE:  Dottie Miller, a longstanding conservative leader in Prince William, echoes the call:

Name-calling and vulgar rhetoric like what Corey is using is not supported by the Prince William Republican Committee. Republicans want a campaign focused on policy and a vision for the state, not crude language.

Dottie Miller is also the chairman of the Prince William County Republican Committee… so not a voice that can be easily walked back.

UPDATE x2:  The semi-official response from Corey Stewart for Governor staffers last night was that the responses (and the Reddit AMA) were originally “hacks” and the like.

That’s going to be very difficult to reconcile with this:

For those who are a bit concerned about what Stewart actually said and how he responded online, here’s some of the more damning responses:

I’m gonna leave that “big brass balls to pump it out” part alone for the moment.

Still… this does not portend for a good next week for Stewart at all.

UPDATE x3:  Just in case folks have any confusion as to what the term “cuckservative” actually means, here’s the definition from alt-right journal Radix:

In short, a cuckservative is a white (non-Jewish) conservative who isn’t racially aware.

Outrageous, isn’t it?  If you’re checking your watch, this is indeed 2017 and not 1937.

UPDATE x 4:  This is all in addition to what former Stewart aide Ali Ahmad wrote in total shock earlier this AM.

For those unfamiliar, it was coined and popularized by white nationalists groups, including those referred to as the “alt-right,” alluding to the classical definition of being a cuckold, a man whose wife becomes pregnant by another man and therefore whose bloodline is now impure. The idea is that immigration from nonwhite, non-European, and, sometimes, non-majority Christian countries is polluting the American “race” and that the “cuckservatives” are letting it happen. Note, I say “sometimes” the term refers to religious affiliation because, often, “alt-right” white nationalists are atheists. Go figure.

Stewart had promise at one point when good people like Ahmad surrounded him.  Unfortunately, that isn’t the case anymore…


UPDATE x6:  Denver Riggleman, champion of the Whiskey Rebellion in a short but glorious march to Richmond, will have a statement forthcoming today.


UPDATE x8:  The Prince William County Young Republicans Executive Board just issued a statement calling for PWC Chairman Corey Stewart’s resignation:

The Prince William Area Young Republicans club denounces the rhetoric of white nationalism used by Corey Stewart, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors and Republican candidate for Governor. By using the term “cuckservative”, Corey Stewart is accusing his political opponent of being a traitor to the white race. White nationalism and its terminology has no place in Republican party politics, and racism and vulgarity have no place in serious public discourse. We call on Corey Stewart to rethink his candidacy for Governor and step down as Chairman of the Board of Supervisors.


…and the hits just keep on comin’.

UPDATE x9:  Dan Webb, chairman of the Young Republicans Federation of Virginia, calls on Stewart to apologize — but not to resign:

I call on Corey Stewart to apologize to Virginia Republicans and Ed Gillespie for his use of a white nationalist term in a recent discussion on Reddit. The term “cuckservative” is racist, vulgar, and is beneath us as Republicans and as Virginians.

Resign would have been stronger, Dan.

UPDATE x10: RPV Chairman John Whitbeck issues a clear and unambiguous statement denouncing Stewart’s racialist language:

The term “cuckservative” is racist and its use is not acceptable in political discourse under any circumstance. I condemn the use of the term unequivocally and without exception.  No Republican should ever use this type of language in a campaign.

At the moment, there is literally not a single party leader or elected official defending Stewart at this point.  75-80% asking him to resign.

UPDATE x11:  Justin Higgins throws in with his synapses of how all this is shaking down in Corey’s backyard:

Corey’s ego transformed him from a technocratic purple county Chairman of the Board into the nationalism-praising candidate he is today. He thinks it’s his path to victory. I’m not holding my breath that he’ll make the right call.

Higgins was an early call in PWC for Stewart’s resignation.

UPDATE x12: The MSM is starting to pile on as well.  This one from Travis Fain over at the Daily Press:

He also called Bill Clinton a rapist and dubbed Gov. Terry McAuliffe and GOP front runner Ed Gillespie “cuckservatives.”

This is a combination of “cuckhold,” a derisive term for a man whose wife cheats on him, and “conservative.” Think of it as the newer and more oddly sexually tinged version of RINO – “Republican in Name Only.”

Or, as conservative commentator Erick Erickson has put it in the past, “a slur against Christian voters coined by white supremacists.” Republican Party of Virginia Chairman John Whitbeck put out a statement Friday calling the term racist and condeming its use “unequivocally and without exception.”



UPDATE x14:  …and here we go.  The Democrats have finally stopped laughing hard enough to stoke their fires a bit and respond.  Lowell Feld over at Blue Virginia takes the wood to Corey Stewart:

This is heinous, even by Prince William County Board Chair (and 2017 Virginia GOP gubernatorial candidate) Corey Stewart’s low, low, nonexistent “standards.” Good for Willie Deutsch, a Republican and Prince William County School Board member, for calling Stewart out on his “racist language.” Unfortunately, Deutsch is a rare case of Republicans strongly calling out the Corey Stewarts, Steve Kings, etc.

Rare praise for Republicans over at Blue Virginia; appropriate levels of contempt for Corey Stewart’s racialist language.

UPDATE x15:  Loudoun County GOP Chairman Will Estrada has called for Stewart’s to bow out of the Virginia GOP gubernatorial contest via Twitter:

Ouch times a lot.

UPDATE x16:  Why Mr. Stewart… whomever could you be talking about?

Instead of working for conservativism, the Republican establishment seems to have joined with the swamp creatures in Richmond to unfairly sway the Republican nomination process,” said Stewart. “Once again, Establishment Ed is leaning on his favorite party stooges to unjustly influence what should be a democratic election.

The rest of the press statement isn’t inspiring.  People are misconstruing the word “cuckservative” and so forth — even if the racialists and identitarians at Radix and Vox Populi are very clear on what the word means.

UPDATE x17:  The Daily Caller must be in on the conspiracy as well… as Stewart apparently released a fake list of endorsements to help buck up his failing campaign:

Your humble politics reporter, Phillip Stucky, appeared near the bottom of the list. He is neither a “faith leader” nor a supporter of the campaign.

Stucky added his name to the campaign’s mailing list as a way to stay connected with the campaign. He’s also on the Gillespie mailing list, and also gets information from Democratic candidates Ralph Northam and Tom Perriello. The Stewart campaign added him to the list of endorsements as a result, revealing a fairly low bar for a gubernatorial candidate.

Damn… that’s gotta hurt.  Does the bad day ever stop?

UPDATE x18.  …and like Rome to Carthage, CNN applies salt to Corey’s fields:

During Stewart’s appearance, Cernovich explained that he calls establishment Republicans “cucks” because “they like to see Trump get screwed over by the media, that’s what they get off on.” (The term “cuck” is an abbreviation of the word “cuckservative,” an insult popular with the alt-right used to attack self-described conservatives who they view as too moderate.)
“Yeah, I would agree,” Stewart responds, while laughing. (In a recent Reddit “Ask me anything” forum, Stewart responded affirmatively when asked if Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe was a “a cuck”. He has also called his primary opponent Ed Gillespie “a cuckservative.”)
Not a one off, folks.  Corey’s affinity for the word seems to be effusive at best.

UPDATE x19:  Battle lines are now drawn.  Corey’s affiliated FB groups are doubling down on the cuckservative slur:

UPDATE x20:  Just a reminder, folks:

UPDATE x21:  Our sister publication over at Bearing Drift has finally capstoned the evening with their observations, from D.J. Spiker:

It’s still just March, yet the Virginia press and new media folks have become accustomed to ignoring Corey Stewart’s campaign. His press releases fall on deaf ears, his pleas that Ed Gillespie isn’t a conservative haven’t resonated. His answer last week to the detailed and coordinated rollout of Gillespie’s tax cut plan was a one-off clearly rushed press release declaring he would somehow eliminate all Virginia income tax (no details, specifics or plan, now more than a week later). The only message that seems to have gotten any traction for Stewart’s campaign is he’s against removing a statute in Charlottesville.**

**Even this has struggled to completely resonate, as Stewart has struggled to reconcile his newly discovered passion for Virginia’s history with his praise last year for renaming a middle school named after a former segregationist Virginia governor … in his own county.

Read it all.

UPDATE x22:  Prince William County supervisor Marty Nohe stops short of calling for Stewart’s resignation, but wants answers now:

Supervisor Marty Nohe, a Republican also from the Coles District, stopped short of calling for Stewart to resign. But he said Stewart’s comments are out of step with Prince William, one of the most diverse counties in the state. Nohe and his wife Kristina, who are white, have two African American children.

“I cannot tolerate the board of supervisors’ chairman knowingly using language that is not consistent with the values of the families of Prince William County,” Nohe said.

When asked if agreed Stewart should resign, Nohe said, “I’m waiting for Corey to take ownership of his comments and responsibility for the consequences.”

More from the Prince William Times here.

UPDATE x23: Gabriella Hoffman with The Resurgent takes square aim at Stewart’s repugnant rhetoric:

Name-calling is unacceptable, no matter your political affiliation. (Let’s run on principles and ideas in a positive manner, please?) If Stewart continues to resort to this, he will lose the primary and deservedly so. These repeated attacks are uncalled for and unbecoming of a Republican candidate for statewide office.

With the recent withdrawal of distiller Denver Riggleman from the gubernatorial race, I’ll be assuredly casting my vote for Ed Gillespie in our June 13th primary. I hope other Virginians join me in doing so. Tarnishing conservatism with repugnant rhetoric has no place in our party or our movement here in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

It should be noted that The Resurgent is the current home of former RedState editor Erick Erickson.

UPDATE x24: Inside NOVA has joined the fray as well.  Is there a single media outlet or elected official in Virginia willing to rush to Stewart’s defense?

UPDATE x25:  Washington Post has more (firewall) that pretty much dovetails in with the rest.   Stewart just isn’t getting any breathing room here.


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  • James Young

    Is it possible that the term — as a condemnation of the kind of “conservative” who seeks approval from the enemies of all things Conservative — could be appropriately applied to those who find merit in anything Blue Virginia has to say? Or anyone who mindlessly endorses the notion that the language should be surrendered to the far left?

    I guess I missed your high dudgeon over the whole “homophobe” neologism and slander….

    • Lee Pillsbury

      It COULD be applied,but only by the kind of person with the low morals and ethics to use it.The kind of person happy to live in an anti intellectual bubble wherein no one with a different opinion is welcome. The kind of person who thinks using a hackneyed and vile racial slur is clever and acceptable political discourse. In fact it often is applied by such folks. And that reveals more about those applying it than those it’s applied TO.

      • James Young

        Well, that it’s made “only by the kind of person with … low morals and ethics” is certainly an argument which could be made, and which you’re apparently making, or were until you endorsed the inferences of those objecting to it. But that’s different than the one made in the article, which appears to be traditional, far-Left “code word” BS which should be beneath those making the argument. Then again, I guess in a nomination contest you reach for whatever low-hanging fruit you can, even if — by doing so — you’re debasing the debate in the same way that the target of your ire is supposed to be doing.

    • Sn0wballz

      It’s only possible if it fits their narrative that Corey is a bigot and a racist! The VA GOP has gone full liberal.

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  • Sn0wballz

    It’s so clear why the republican party has lost so much. You are so out of touch. This term never had anything to do with white nationalism. If you think it does, you’ve been tricked by the liberal media. Step out of your bubble and join the fight.

    • Stephen Spiker


      Here is the white nationalist site American Renaissance explaining what the term means and where it came from, from two years ago (before the rise of the alt-right in Republican politics):

      The term has *always* had to do with white nationalism.

  • KShrike

    The fact that you’re going so out of the way to label “cuck” as some racially charged word thanks to what people on urban dictionary said (I’m glad we’re now using urban freaking dictionary as a scholarly source) just so you can destroy the only candidate that will actually win against the establishment *and* fix Virginia when he does so; this article and these smears to label him as some immoral racist are exactly why the conservative media and the Republican establishment will fail.
    I’m amazed in general how the right wing media is now going out of its way to protect the establishment and attack those who actually are going to practice what we preach. You are all becoming the same fake news that the Left wing media has become.

  • PeregrinusRex

    Y’all might as well just run over to the dems at this point. The left has won by not purging their own, put on your big boy pants and get a grip.

  • Rick Canton ®

    Corey Stewart has been trying for months to get traction on something with Ed Gillespie, but his desperate flailing is a sign of a broken candidate with no core message.

    Starting to sound like Hillary Clinton, in a way. He’s basically insulting Ed and his supporters the same way Hillary used “deplorables.”

    Corey Stewart isn’t worthy of shining my shoes, much less Ed Gillespie’s. Ed will be the next governor of Virginia, and Corey will go back to being… Corey.