As the image portends, the nationalist alt-right is in a death struggle with the conservatives and liberty movement.  Stewart seems to have chosen a path — the nationalist alt-right and their racialist language.

Here it is: Reddit — about one step above 4chan.  This is how PWC Chairman Corey Stewart introducs himself to the alt-right community this Thursday evening — not as a conservative, but as a nationalist willing to use terms that one would typically find on white nationalists sites such as Stormfront or The Daily Stormer:

Cuckservative has a definition, as former RedState and current The Resurgent editor Erick Erickson reminds us:

Need a further definition?  Do a Google Image search for the term “cuckservative” and see what it comes up with.  Then explain to the rest of us why it’s not a racialist term.

Short version: the term cuckservative is a term crafted by white supremacists to describe Christians.  Though they term themselves “identitarians” the movement is immensely steeped in the language of white supremacy, fascism, and neo-Nazism.

To date, even the folks at Breitbart (an organization which, if Andrew were alive today, would be fighting tooth and nail against) have shied away at truly embracing the alt-right.  Bannon who once prided his news organization as the mouthpiece of the alt-right refuses to embrace them as he once did…

…but Stewart has zero scruples in this regard.

For the language of white supremacy to have infected our politics to this degree?  Deeply saddens me.  This was precisely the nativism I warned against in February 2014, long before the alt-right and identitarianism swept into Virginia Republican politics and helped boost the candidacies of more than a few insurgents who were all too glad to take their help (and didn’t care about the price).

It is time to drive them out. 

It is probably not enough to call for Stewart to back out of the gubernatorial race, though I readily do so here.  

The Republican Party of Virginia’s State Central Committee has options.  Those options should be forced — and Stewart should be made to vacate his status as a contender for the GOP nomination for governor.

The Prince William County Board of Supervisors?  Should pass a resolution censuring Stewart for his racialist tone and remarks, as they demean not only the honor of his office but all of Prince William County.

Elected officials in Virginia should be asked whether they condone or reject Stewart’s use of racialist language.  Those who do not unequivocally reject this language are unfit for public office.

Above all else, Stewart owes an outright apology to Gillespie, to the Republican Party of Virginia, and to the citizens of the Commonwealth for his disgusting embrace of a language we thought long dead in Virginia.

It is time conservatives start drawing the line between us vs. them — and the enemy is racialist nationalism in our very ranks made polite and tolerable by statewide scumbags like Corey Stewart.

The last time I joined in a call to rid Virginia of this filth, personal attacks were made against myself, my family and my career.  So be it.  I am ready to take those risks again if for no other reason than because we should be fighting fascists, not accommodating them.

Massive Resistance 2.0 has no home in the Republican Party.  NONE.

Drive ’em out folks.  Drive them out before they define what it means to be a Republican…

UPDATE: The Virginia blogosphere is starting to come alive on this.  First off is right in Corey Stewart’s backyard — from the influential and well connected Justin Higgins:

For those unfamiliar, the word is a combination of the words conservative and “cuckold,” which a sexual term which describes a partner who is forced to watch their spouse have sex with others, often in a submissive fashion.

The use of this word, which has become a buzzword for the fascist-inclined parasites who have so painfully and unfortunately attached themselves to the political right in this country, disqualifies Corey from holding public office. Not just future office, but current office.

Higgins has called for Stewart’s resignation as PWC chairman.  More to follow.

  • DNCserver

    We’re forwarding this to /pol/ to see what they think about this article.

  • Connie S.

    LOL Um, no. “Cuckservatives” is a word to describe how conservatives went astray. Read it for yourself –

    BTW Mega kudos to Corey Stewart for utilizing alternate-social media Reddit to reach younger, anti-establishment voters.

    “Alt-right” stands for alternate right. And Kenney’s labeling it, “white supremacist” says more about HIS projections than it does about a segment of libertarianism mixed with conservatism.

    Throwing about, “white supremacist” is as tired an antic as calling someone a “racist”. Both are pathetic; name-calling to try and shut the other side up.

    • Stephen Spiker

      Connie, the book you link to is a book describing how immigration is endangering the power and status of white people in America. They use the term “cuckservative” the same exact way Corey Stewart does: to accuse their enemies of being traitors to the white race.

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