This morning’s Roanoke Times ran my op-ed regarding immigration reform, viewing President Trump’s softening on the Gang of Eight proposal as an opening we should take advantage of — and quickly:

If President Trump kept his earlier campaign promise to repeal DACA, these Dreamers would be susceptible to the same enforcement policies that are being directed towards terrorists, rapists, drug dealers, and violent criminals.

Yet the Trump Administration is recognizing that such an approach would not only be immoral and unworkable, such a policy of mass deportations would wreak further havoc on our economy – removing 700,000 people from our workforce would have an economic impact of $433 billion over the next decade.

Yes, border security and deporting dangerous criminals is critical, but enforcing the rule of law should be done with respect for the institutions and values which our laws seek to protect.

The solution?

Merge the BRIDGE Act with Gingrich’s “red card” solution — allowing a path to citizenship for those brought to this country under the age of 16 under the BRIDGE Act while allowing their parents the opportunity to get right with the law… not a green card, but a red card that enables illegal immigrants a chance to either return home or apply for citizenship and remain on the right side of the law.

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  • Jonathan Erickson