“Don’t awaken a sleeping giant,” the saying goes.  The 2017 Virginia version might add “especially 45 of them”.

Most analysts and those oh-so-reliable polls place the wind at Democrats’ backs this year in Virginia’s race for Governor.

Opposite party of the White House wins Virginia’s Governor’s mansion (if you ignore 2013), they’ll proclaim.  Add Trump’s Virginia numbers in both the 2016 race and approval polls, and the press would be all but calling this race as soon as the Democrats have a nominee.

Then, along came the House Democrats.

“Virginia Democrats plan to challenge 45 GOP incumbents in the deep-red House of Delegates this November”  (WaPo)

Over two-thirds of Republican Delegates will have opponents this fall, if the Democrats are telling the truth.  That’s twice the Democrats’ previous effort.

Hate to break it to the House Dems, but these districts are Republican, and have been for quite some time, and they aren’t flipping in 2017 because you’re betting they somehow wish Hillary Clinton was President.

Putting a Democrat, and likely a less-than-top-tier and less-than-dynamic-fundraising Democrat, into a House race in a Republican district against a Republican incumbent only accomplishes one thing: it drives up Republican turnout outside Northern Virginia.

“Thank you very much” sayeth any Republican nominee.

That sound you hear is whatever Ralph Northam or Tom Perriello threw at the wall upon hearing of the House Democrats’ plan to run supremely liberal candidates in supremely conservative districts.

Let’s quote some of them now.

“…my 9-year-old, said, ‘Mommy, we have to get out because Mr. Trump doesn’t like people who speak Spanish.’ That decided it,”

Racism.  The Democratic platform that always works, right.  Voters in Republican districts just love being called racists.

“he’s trying to bully transgender kids”


Could a “Transgender Kids for Northam” bumper sticker be far behind?

“…with the election of Trump, and his appointment of [Betsy] DeVos as education secretary, there’s no question of me running or not this year.”

Only a Democrat could run on education using poor grammar.  (It’s “my running” not “me running”)

And this is the cream of the Democratic crop.

But instead of leaving well enough alone and hoping to keep one of the few Democratic governorships in their column, House Democrats’ publicize a strategy to make 45 Republican Delegates spend tons of money to help turn out the Republican vote in Republican districts and effectively minimize the share of NoVa Democrats.

That sound you also hear are Republican statewide candidates high-fiving each other.