It’s been an odd month for Corey Stewart.

Bad news?  Slammed former RNC chairman (and former Catholic University BOV member) Ed Gillespie as a “bad Catholic” for supporting a barbaric practice that — wait for it — Gillespie never supported… ever.

Worse news?  Stewart drives by Vice President Mike Pence while Ed Gillespie is backstage shaking hands with the man at the March for Life.

Rebound?  Stewart goes out to Charlottesville’s Lee Park and defends the monument while being shouted down by an overwhelmingly white, young, hipster-ish crowd.

Epic Fail?  Stewart takes credit for lowering the crime rate by 48.7% in PWC actually doubling the crime rate in just two short years.  From the Daily Caller:

The county government used a reporting technique that only reports the most violent crime committed during a string of offenses. For example, if someone was arrested for murder, robbery, and grand theft auto, the murder would be the only statistic recorded. The state government uses an updated system that lists each offense as a separate crime. That number reveals that violent crime went down, but only 22 percent, according to a politifact report at the time. The report also mentioned the fact that the 22 percent number was the lowest of any surrounding county, indicating that other counties had a much higher reduction in violent crime than Prince William County did in the same time frame.

Stewart is still in office, and the numbers for 2016 doubled the violent crime rate, according to the Post, the county’s deadliest year on record since the records were kept — beginning in 1975.

Of course, it would appear as if the Daily Caller is a bit miffed because Stewart submitted an op-ed with the false claim… then The DC got knuckle-rapped by Politifact (our favorite source of left-leaning bias) on what was pretty much an open-shut case.


So after driving out all the Hispanics in Operation Wetback II (legal and illegal according a UVA study) and repeating the tired old claim from 2007 where crime had been cut in half?

It just doesn’t wash.  Considering that Daily Caller had previously been fulsome with its praise of Stewart’s anti-immigration record?  Not the media fight he needed to pick.

For some reason, the Stewart campaign just can’t get out of its own way.

UPDATE:  Uh oh… looks like #CrimeRateCorey is trending on Twitter.

  • Rosemary Storaska

    Well, here is some first-hand news from my own sightings along the campaign trail and over the many occasions I volunteered for Gillespie on his last failed bid. (1) Gillespie indicates he will NOT attend the March for Life, then shows just as VP arrives to shake his hand and then exists to wherever led him out of town as we marched. (2) There is much proof of Gillespie’s back and forth on late term abortion as another example. (3) Furthermore, I previously supported him but came to realize that after all his years in politics he has become more and more the politician that says what needs to be said depending upon what audience he is addressing. Hence, I switched sides without a blink of the eye this time around. (4) More important, when the Republican party in VA stayed clear of Donald Trump and rumors went rapid about Trump letting VA go, Ed Gillespie marched with that band. Corey remained loyal despite all that happened and Trump volunteers kept it all going. Yes, I was there when Corey got fired by the Republican Party (not Trump) and what the party told volunteers not to do, Trump was hailing opposite wishes on Twitter so it did not take long to figure out what that was all about? (5) Corey did the right thing on many occasions and that equates to something called “integrity”. If the party would have made half an effort we Trump volunteers would have turned Virginia Red. We made much hay despite? Integrity, principle are now more important than any words from any media source as we judged by what we see and what we learn through self investigation. That’s the only way to get real info these days and to understand whose side one should support? Virginia has had enough lobbyists at the helm???