Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House and Presidential Candidate, tweeted his latest article over the weekend drawing a parallel between Presidents Trump and Lincoln.

The obvious parallel, that the two presided over a divided country, was not the point.

Gingrich’s point was both Presidents inherited an Executive Branch almost wholly made up of enemies to their causes.

President Trump will soon discover that federal bureaucrats are far more hostile, destructive, and obstructionist than federal judges.

Ninety-five percent of federal bureaucrats’ donations were for Clinton (99 percent at the State Department, 97 percent at the Department of Justice), so it is clear there will be continuing resistance to President Trump’s policies.

We’re already seeing the evidence of this in the opening weeks of the Trump Presidency, and the US Senate’s obstruction in confirming Trump’s cabinet makes the bureaucracy even more powerful.  And strategies and conversations get leaked to an obstructionist press by some who are openly hostile to real change.

Gingrich doesn’t mince words here.  He argues that Lincoln didn’t play around and Trump shouldn’t either.

Once he took office, Lincoln fired almost 80 percent of federal employees. This aggressiveness enabled him to replace pro-secession bureaucrats, who would have ensured the North lost the war, with pro-Union enthusiasts who helped him win.

This coming from the man whose solution to the Ninth Circuit was to abolish it.  Gingrich notes that Lincoln really did drain the swamp.  Lincoln was a pre-Pendleton Act President, so all federal employees were political hires then.

No such firings would be allowed today, but every day the press runs stories with “unnamed sources” and “people close to the administration” as the only source of information.  Does anyone have any doubt where these leaks are coming from?

Is Trump satisfied or not with Press Secretary Sean Spicer?  There are dozens of stories quoting no one saying anything you want to believe.  Is Kellyanne Conway in hot water?  There’s an unnamed source ready to tell the New York Times and the world whatever they want to hear.

We’re dealing with a press that’s willing to give the front page to Christopher Ruddy (calling him Trump’s “longtime friend”) when he says Reince Presbus should be replaced, but they leave out Ruddy’s long ties to the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton.  Some friend!

Gingrich’s suggestion is that the people at the top aren’t the problem.  It’s the hundreds of Trump opponents below them that will undermine to the point of truth-stretching anything Trump tries to accomplish.  They have long relationships with a sympathetic press and will silently be treated like heroes if they can slow down or even stop any really change to the federal bureaucracy.

Within a month or two it will be clear that large elements of the federal bureaucracy are dedicated leftists who believe it is their duty to stop the Trump Administration and destroy it if possible.

Like John Mellencamp said, “I fight authority. Authority always wins.”

And the intense hostility of the Left will encourage these pro-Clinton bureaucrats to feel noble about undermining and betraying the president.

Trump’s in for a fight.