The cardinal sin here is that I didn’t take the accusation at face value.  I believed Pastor Jack Morgan, I wanted to believe Pastor Jack Morgan…

…and I was wrong.

In November 2016 it was announced that Pastor Jack Morgan had taken a position with the Corey Stewart campaign — a claim that Morgan adamantly denied to this publication.

Turns out, that claim was true according to VPAP:

…which means I was misled (to be charitable) by Pastor Morgan when I was told this:

Morgan adamantly denied being hired at all.  Grab a cup of coffee, folks… nothing else to really weigh the scales on.


…which wasn’t true in the slightest.  A check was cut, money exchanged hands… it wasn’t an endorsement at all.

So to answer the question whether it was an endorsement or a hire for the Stewart campaign, the answer is abundantly clear at this rate — it was a hire.


So very disappointed this evening, despite the news about Trump’s SCOTUS appointee.

  • I am new to this exactly what does this mean?

  • Sbn

    It means he’s a pastor and political so yeah, he’s for sale.

  • Karen Ousley Boyer

    My husband and I stand with Jack Morgan. We were both in the military and law enforcement. We know a good and honest man when we see one. He fought the good fight – against all (establishment) odds for President Trump. Now, he will fight the good fight against Establishment Ed for the Stewart campaign. #MVGA #Veterans4Trump #Law Enforcement4Trump #TeamCorey

  • Richard Roberts II

    Jack is a good man who is s Virginia patriot for leading the fight for our President in SW Virginia. We all know you are in the Gillespie band wagon and that’s your personal right. Please stop the personal attacks on good people and stop calling yourself a journalist.