So the Virginia Tourism Growth Fund (VTGF) just spent $27,000 to build a deck in Fredericksburg.  From the Governor’s Office touting the remarkable achievement:

“The new dining and event space at Spencer Devon Brewery is an innovative use of vacant real estate in a prime location, and will help to attract travelers and residents alike looking for an authentic Virginia craft beer experience in the City of Fredericksburg.

Color me unimpressed.  A deck?   I’m sorry, this has gotten silly.  $27,000 from the Commonwealth of Virginia for a deck?


…and in the very same breath, McAuliffe is also asking to exercise more executive oversight over another pile of cash — the Virginia Economic Development Partnership.  From Travis Fain over at the Daily Press:

Structural changes in the board would shift power to future governor’s under McAuliffe’s plan. He proposed making each governor’s secretary of trade and commerce the automatic chairman at VEDP, whose appointed board chooses its own chairman now. He also called for shorter board terms, which would allow future governors to appoint a majority of board members earlier in their own terms.