Big news today as Pastor Jack Morgan — all-around great American and hard working activist in Southwest Virginia — endorsed Corey Stewart today.

Of course, social media had it out there first as a brand new hire for the Stewart campaign (which would be notable in and of itself):


… then issued a press release thanking Morgan for his endorsement:

I am honored to have Jack’s support and to have him on our team. Growing up in a hard-working blue collar family, I supported Trump for the same reasons the voters of the 9th District did. Liberals have attacked coal, manufacturing, and rural America for too long. The weak-chinned establishment Republicans have ignored them, but I will stand by them.

Anyone else catch that?  Which was it — and endorsement or a hire?

Just in case one wonders whether this was a one-off comment online, news of the “hire” before news of the endorsement was echoed on Tuesday morning’s John Frederick’s Radio Show out of Hampton Roads:

So should we take the guy out back and hang him?

Nah… let’s do something new media rarely does — and check our sources.

STEP ONE:  We reached out to Pastor Jack Morgan to clear up the confusion, and his answer was unambiguous and clear:

I only do what I believe in.

I have been following and looking at Corey for months, and I made my decision after the November 8th election. I strongly support Corey Stewart.

STEP TWO:  Morgan adamantly denied being hired at all.  Grab a cup of coffee, folks… nothing else to really weigh the scales on.

The appearance of impropriety?  Perhaps… and worth a mercurial investigation (which The Jeffersoniad performed here).  Anything screwy actually going on?

It’s Pastor Morgan, folks.

More notable are rumors that Spence Rogers — former General Petraeus aide and former deputy director of the Ted Cruz for President campaign in Iowa — is being lobbied to head up the Stewart for Governor campaign.  Rogers name, for those with longer memories, is memorable for the last-minute e-mail insisting presidential candidate Ben Carson was getting ready to suspend his primary campaign.

If true, that promises a nasty, bare-knuckles fight for the GOP nod in Virginia.

Not to be outdone in the firepower department though, Gillespie for Governor released an impressive list of notables heading up his campaign effort, including the return of now-veteran Gillepsie for Senate and Obenshain for AG manager Chris Leavitt for his third statewide campaign.

There has been notably little in the way of staff announcements coming from either the Wittman or Wagner camps as of late… but it is still extremely early.