The Libertarian Party of Virginia was able to put forth a good number of Congressional candidates this year, largely thanks in part to the efforts of Robert Sarvis, former gubernatorial and current Senate candidate. And with the 7th Congressional District being turned upside down last week, some have wondered about the Libertarian candidate in the field: James Carr (careful with his website, seems there are some SSL issues and some browsers may warn you that you’re on a potentially bad site).

The issues Carr stands for seems typical Libertarian fare but is very short on concrete answers to things such as Campaign Finance Reform (good luck making sense of it) and a Fiscal Policy that simply states “Details forthcoming.”

But what may really throw folks for a loop his Carr’s stand on Abortion and Capital Punishment.

One point stands out among Carr’s stand on abortion, which is decidedly pro:

I have tried to define a societal impact of an abortion but have found none.

Carr’s “libertarian” world view seems to be defined as a policy’s impact on society, not individuals – such as an unborn child or that child’s family, present and future.

But the Death Penalty, that’s where the fun really begins:

To begin I will say very clearly that I believe the death penalty should be used much more widely than it currently is applied. Examples of crimes that should carry a capital punishment possibility include but are not limited to attempted murder, violent sex offenses, and any sex offense against a child. I do understand that most people reading this will have serious misgivings about application of the death penalty for offenses in which someone else did not die it is not my intent to enforce an eye-for-an-eye approach. I am much more interested in the best outcome for society as a whole and the individuals that perpetrate these offenses are best removed from society permanently.


One of the issues with our current death penalty is that there are too many provisions for delaying of the sentence being carried out. The appeals process, as with many things in our legal system, needs to be revised. I do not think that there should be more than 1 year allowed for appeal before an execution.


So abortion has no impact on society, have fun. And death penalty? Should be EXPANDED and any appeals process should be limited so we can just get them executed faster. Because they’re both what’s best for society?

Not a very Libertarian view on things.

But he does take Bitcoin contributions. Which, while approved by the FEC, does open up a whole slew of ethic questions concerning unreported contributions.