This hasn’t been a good week for Terry McAuliffe and the company he formerly chaired, GreenTech Automotive. As was covered here in detail yesterday, there are a lot more questions than answers when it comes to GreenTech. And today news broke that GreenTech has filed a lawsuit against following their investigation into the company’s use of the EB-5 program.

Throughout the week, Jeffersoniad member sites have been covering the story about Terry McAuliffe’s chairmanship (or lack thereof) of GreenTech and the company’s questionable standing.

Monday, April 8th:

Bearing Drift – McAuliffe Left GreenTech In December by JR Hoeft
The strange thing about our learning of this resignation now though is that it didn’t happen recently or even within the last couple weeks – it apparently happened months ago in December. Yet, McAuliffe was still telling folks in January that he was still building electric cars.

Tuesday, April 9th:

American Maverick – GreenTech: McAuliffe’s Achilles Heel by Flint Engleman
This is why McAuliffe’s “Green Flop” can be considered his Achilles heel. GreenTech was his way of racking up some clout as a business man and job creator. Paving the way for a future political run. McAuliffe would use the GreenTech story to serve as his basis to be a legitimate candidate for Virginia Governor. Well, GreenTech flopped and so did his campaign message.

Bearing Drift – Cuccinelli Ad Smacks McAuliffe’s Electric Car Hustle – by Norman Leahy
The McAuliffe campaign, quite understandably, does not like this at all.

Virginia Gentleman – Terry McAuliffe On Literature

Wednesday, April 10th

Bearing Drift – Terry McAuliffe’s Mississippi Tax Problems – by Norman Leahy
So Greentech’s delinquent taxes were paid — after someone started inquiring about them. End of story, right? Not entirely. Greentech was supposed to be exempt from most local taxes for ten years, according to the chamber of commerce. That exemption was tied to Greentech actually producing cars (and, supposedly, creating jobs).

Thursday, April 11th

Virginia Virtucon – You Thought McAuliffe’s Global Crossing Was Bad? Wait Until You See His Greentech Boondoggle by Jim Riley
There you have it folks. Terry McAuliffe — self-proclaimed “hustler,” can now add being a fraud and a tax delinquent to his checkered resume.

Bearing Drift – Was McAuliffe’s GreenTech a Visa Selling Scam? by Norman Leahy
The more we learn, the worse it gets. Look for McAuliffe & Co. to try to change the subject to just about anything else as soon as possible.

Bearing Drift – Snyder Swings At McAuliffe Again With A “Tips on Searching for Terry” Page by Norman Leahy
Lieutenant governor candidate Pete Snyder is lending a hand to those searching for answers about Terry McAuliffe and GreenTech Automotive. It’s a page on his campaign website called “Tips on Searching for Terry.” It seeks to provide answers on topics such as “Where is GreenTech Automotive,” “Is Terry Behind the Wheel of GreenTech” and, of course, “Where are All the Cars” and “Where are All the Jobs.”

Friday, April 12th

JHPolitics – McAuliffe-Tied Car Company Now Suing Bloggers by Justin Higgins
If you want to help defend the Franklin Center and their Watchdog project from this type of frivolous legal action, they’re accepting donations. GreenTech is not only a political liability for McAuliffe, but they’re now going after free speech to try to muzzle critics. The former DNC Chair turned candidate has to be pretty worried.

Virginia Virtucon – WSJ Hits McAuliffe On GreenTech; GreenTech Sues WatchDog.Org, Lawyers Threaten Local VA Blog by Jim Riley
But wait! There’s more! The website has apparently been sued for libel by Greentech over their investigations into the company’s business practices. Now there is a local angle to this as well as the Fauquier Free Citizen is reported to have been contacted by the law firm of Adams and Reese, which claimed to be representing Green Tech Automotive. The law firm threatened to sue the bloggers who run Fauquier Free Citizen if they did not take down a post linking to the investigative articles. The web site did remove the article and published a retraction.