Just kidding! He based the plant in Mississippi instead!

“Virginia Gubernatorial Candidate Terry McAuliffe today announced a major commitment to bringing manufacturing jobs to Virginia,” begins a news release issued Monday from the Democrat’s rival, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (R).

The release includes a link to video snippets of of McAuliffe touting plans to bring an electric car company from China to Virginia.

Then comes: “April Fools’! Terry McAuliffe chose to base his electric car company in Mississippi,” it reads. “Then he blamed the Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP) for refusing to bid on GreenTech’s contract, a statement that was quickly proven false by Politifact. Turns out, McAuliffe never even gave VEDP the necessary information to offer GreenTech a package! The biggest joke today is Terry McAuliffe claiming to put Virginia jobs first.”

McAuliffe’s campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

What could McAuliffe’s campaign say? They can’t blame Virginia officials like they tried to do because PolitiFact already proved that one false:

Records showed VEDP staff were interested in the project and were in the process of its due diligence when GreenTech moved ahead with a plant in Mississippi. VEDP had “grave concerns” about GreenTech’s business plan. The agency said GreenTech Agency officials had no “demonstrated experience” in manufacturing cars. It doubted the company’s job estimates. It questioned the ethics of GreenTech’s plan to raise money from foreign investors in exchange for U.S. residency.

The record shows that VEDP asked GreenTech to address its concerns and waited in vain for replies. Without those answers, VEDP would not negotiate monetary support for that, or any, project.

Contrary to McAuliffe’s claim, there is no evidence the state agency decided not to bid on the project. Emails show VEDP took GreenTech officials on a tour of potential sites and contacted the company about coming to Virginia almost two years after GreenTech announced it was building a plant in Mississippi.

We rate McAuliffe’s statement False.

Terry McAuliffe: Putting Mississippi Jobs First!