Terry McAuliffe can’t name the positions in the governor’s Cabinet. Seriously. But this is just more of what we’ve come to expect from the Democrat’s Party Animal for Governor.


This November will also see every seat in the House of Delegates up for election. How deep is the Democratic bench? Willie Deutsch finds it’s so deep that their candidates have to steal their position policies WORD FOR WORD from other campaigns’ websites. Cut and paste might work for us bloggers, but not candidates for public office…

Virginia Conservative’s Joshua Huffman got up the nerve to stand up and speak at the Harrisonburg City Council meeting last week and calls on others to find the courage to do the same. “No one should ever be afraid to talk with their elected representatives, be they local, state, or federal. Don’t ever be tricked into thinking that you exist to serve the government; the government exists to serve you.”

Is the Attorney General race starting to get a bit nasty? Tom White was polled on the AG race and didn’t take kindly to the Rob Bell campaign’s insinuation that Mark Obenshain’s qualifications for office came from his last name. Any attempt to paint Obenshain’s campaign as one of legacy is unfair to the work Sen. Obenshain has done through the years and the name he as made for himself. But Bell’s in a tough spot: he appears to be trying to ID voters who are backing Obenshain in name only but must be careful not to appear to be saying Obenshain is only where he is because of his last name. Because it won’t work.

The Art of Making Friends Across the Aisle. Lynn Mitchell has a great piece on former Del. Chris Saxman’s character and his thoughts on reaching across the aisle that are a must read in today’s partisan political environment.

A non-Jeffersoniad link: How to Avoid Sounding Like an Idiot When Discussing Politics. Even those of us who presume to be well versed in politics could learn a bit from this post…