THEY’RE KILLING GOOGLE READER!!!! – I love Google Reader. It makes the Internet easier to digest. It’s how I gather a lot of these links. Google has decided to kill it and seven other services and instead focus elsewhere. I understand Google moving on from Reader, it’s a service really only used by power users and one that’s seen declining usage, especially since they killed the sharing future in lieu of Google+ integration a while back. Other services like Feedly are stepping up to the plate, but Google Reader’s simplicity and stripped down presentation made following websites as simple as checking your email. It will be missed.

Quartz: Google Reader’s Demise is Awful for Iranians, Who Use it to Avoid Censorship – Many know of the Great Firewall of China but fewer know of it’s cousin, the Lesser Firewall of Iran. Iran often censors websites and their content, but Google Reader has long been a workaround for Iranians desperate for information. In order to block Google Reader, Iran would have to block all of Google (which they’ve done briefly in the past). But it’s kinda obvious to anyone trying to use the Internet, even in Iran. With Google Reader being shut down, what services will be available to info hungry Iranians and will they be safe from the government censors?

In an age of tweets and status updates, longform writing is making a comeback. And with it comes some design challenges that change the way designers have been delivering information on the web for years now.

Speaking of design, The Vignelli Canon is awesome.

You can have all the data in the world, but if you don’t know what to do with it you’re not going to make much of a difference.

MediaPost: Tablets Top Smartphones for Branding CampaignsClick-through rates on tablets outperforms smartphones by 250% for branding campaigns.

A Cambridge University study says that what you like on Facebook can be used to accurately predict your demographics and personality. Smart people like Science, The Colbert Report, and Curly Fries.

In an effort be more than just a site for wedding photos, hairstyles and DIY projects*, Pinterest is trying to make itself appealing to marketers by providing them an analytics tool.

Not only can you sponsor posts on Facebook, but other people can sponsor your posts as well. Which leads to the question…

Do Facebook Promoted Posts Work? Econsultancy is finding some problems with targeting, which are legitimate. Promoted posts are a little less tailored than a straight Facebook Ad, but, if done properly, they can cheaply lead to a huge bump in engagement compared to non-promoted posts. Just choose your content wisely.

What is Vine’s biggest obstacle? One word: Community.

*I keed, I keed. I know Pinterest is more than that. I like Pinterest. I just mock because I care.