A taste of some of the best bits from The Jeffersoniad over the last few days.

Craig County Slating – Shaun Kenney broke this at Bearing Drift and Justin Higgins has more at JHPolitics here and here. The story was even mentioned on this morning’s John Fredericks Show during an interview with LG Candidate Del. Scott Lingamfelter. As the Republican Party struggles with broadening its appeal, any efforts to make the party more exclusive hurts any future outreach.

The Right-Wing Liberal: Virginia, education spending, and budgets by D.J. McGuire – SEI’s Mark Perry finds Virginia leads the nation in “educrat bloat,” with more non-teaching staff positions than actual teachers by over 60,000 jobs. DJ breaks down the numbers and what it means for Virginia taxpayers.

SWACGirl: CPAC proves further irrelevance with snubbing of Mcdonnell and Christie by Lynn Mitchell – This weekend marks CPAC 2013, but some old faces haven’t been invited. So the question becomes: does this say more about those who have been snubbed or about CPAC itself?

Bearing Drift: There is no Medicaid expansion in Virginia, yet by J.R. Hoeft – Virginia isn’t out of the weeds when it comes to expanding Medicaid, but the bar has been placed higher.

Virginia Virtucon: Tan, Rested, and Ready. Is Bill Bolling IN? by Lovettsville Lady – Bolling is set to make an announcement on March 14th. Will he be announcing his independent candidacy for Governor?