VentureBeat – News Feed’s design finally catches up with Timeline – Facebook’s new News Feed look should start rolling out to user’s today with a greater focus on the visual and a cleaner look. Kinda looks like Google+. Only with users.

Mashable: Facebook Patent Charges Users to Remove Ads From Profiles – In 2011 Facebook filed a patent to allow users to opt out of advertising by paying a fee. Users would then be allowed to personalize the side-bar by replacing ads with “favorite memories” or other items. Not sure if Facebook will ever go this route considering they’re making a lot of money on advertising, but certainly something users might see in the future.

TechCrunch: Tablets Now Taking A Greater Global Share of Web Page Views than Smartphones, According to Adobe’s Digital Index – For the first time, web traffic coming from tablets has surpassed that from smartphones. Desktop remains king, accounting for 84% of page views, but mobile continues to grow.

Mashable: Rand Paul’s Filibuster Got Him Almost 3,500 Twitter Followers An Hour – Almost 40,000 followers over the 12 hour filibuster.

public intelligence: Tactical Chat: How the U.S. Military Uses IRC to Wage War – Fascinating read about how the military still uses plan ol’ internet relay chat (IRC) for communicating practical information on the battlefield. Web 1.0 to the rescue!